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is avon sunscreen for kids any good?

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smittenkitten Sat 26-Jul-08 19:48:24

that's it really - it's half price at the moment and wondered if anyone used it?


electricluluarella Sat 26-Jul-08 19:51:31

don;t know, but i bought the asda sunscreen recently as came out very well in Which? testing, and they do a kids one. it is really cheap. £3 a bottle IIRC

firstmum45 Sun 27-Jul-08 15:22:53

I have used on my dd last year she was 2.5 and like you not sure if it would be ok as her skin is quite dry and is sensitive to johnsons baby stuff.

It was fine I used the turquoise coloured spray she never went pink at all.

I have also used the Asda kids one and it is a good buy as Electriclularella states plus works well it is a bit greasier than the Avon one so will be taking a less greasy one to hotter countries.

magnolia74 Sun 27-Jul-08 15:25:08

I'm an Avon rep so I thought I would try it on my 5 kids. It is great for all of them but I'm not keen on the smell of the Adult ones blush
It works well with regards to doing what it says on the back rather than some that need applying a lot more often to give good protection.

I made the mistake of buying one from Wilkinsons and ds1 got burnt sad

wonderpetsmum Tue 29-Jul-08 21:21:24

hi there my Dd hasezaema thatis triggered with sun lotion the Avon and banana boat are ones that i use without any flare ups,.

She has never gone pink either and she is always outside.

Just mind the turquoise coloured spray marks clothes.
But a few stained shorts and t shirts are better than a burnt kid.

Bonifacio Wed 30-Jul-08 10:25:21

I find the avon suncream to be great. Never had any burnt children with it! Or alergic reactions.

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