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Boden sizes - advice please

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pleasechange Sat 26-Jul-08 16:36:54

Never bought anything before and have seen a nice top in the sale. Is the sizing generous? I'm between sizes, so should I go for the bigger or smaller size?

ThingOne Sat 26-Jul-08 16:40:24

V generous sizing

JackieNo Sat 26-Jul-08 16:41:13

But can be quite short in the body.

snooks Sat 26-Jul-08 16:41:21

I've always found the sizing generous tbh.

snooks Sat 26-Jul-08 16:41:49

which top is it? <nosey>

pleasechange Sat 26-Jul-08 16:55:56

Thanks all!

snooks it's this one [[ 26%20%54%2D%73%68%69%72%74%73&desname=%42%65%61%64%65%64%20%4A%65%72%73%65%79%20%4B%61%66%74%61%6E&g pid=27&gen=#]

pleasechange Sat 26-Jul-08 16:56:54

hmm haven't got the hang of how to paste a link obviously! It's the green kaftan

snooks Sat 26-Jul-08 17:00:23

allnew it's lovely and a bit of a bargain! I would go for the smaller size if I were you

pleasechange Sat 26-Jul-08 17:02:15

Thanks snooks

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