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Hair catastrophe - what should I do?

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Tunicate Fri 25-Jul-08 16:14:52

I volunteered to be a 'model' in a swanky salon yesterday so the cut took a couple of hours to do. I said that I didn't mind what she did, I wanted it much shorter, easy to manage and something that actually suits me - or if she didn't want to take the risk a trim and some layers. She said that she's doing bobs at the moment and I thought OK, should be fine, I've had bobs in the past that have looked good.

Technically, I'm sure it's a very good cut, and it would look very sweet on a four year old or might suit a tory party candidate, but it looks bloody awful on me - sexless and totally the wrong look - and without washing and blow-drying daily with Products, I could never get it to sit straight, my hair's far too wavy. Not low-maintenance.

I got a haircut to make me feel better as I'd had some really bad news on Weds so I didn't dare say anything at the time as I knew I'd just start crying. I wondered if it was my mood that was the problem, not the haircut. It's not. I still think I might cry if I have to go back in there and explain. I don't know what would actually look good, I'd had long hair for such a long time my face has changed and so has fashion. I don't know how to find a good hairdresser or I would have gone to one in the first place. I don't look good in hats.

I feel shit sad

snowleopard Fri 25-Jul-08 16:19:25

Poor you, I've had many mistaken haircuts and I know how you feel. Look at the bigger picture, it's not forever.

Can we see it, or a pic of something similar?

Best way to find a good hairdresser is to ask someone whose hair you like where they got it done. Also get a hair magazine and choose the ones you like to show the hairdresser - and a good hairdresser will also be able to advise on what suits you.

Meanwhile start experimenting with hats, scarves and letting it dry naturally and see what happens. You might find a way to make it suit you better.

mazzystar Fri 25-Jul-08 16:19:48

oh, poor you

I have been there [the Bad Haircut In Delicate Frame of Mind scenario] -its awful

The thing to do IS to go back to the salon - and explain that it just doesn't work for you - I would ring them actually. If its a good salon they will probably sort you out cheerfully and without charge.

Re finding a good hairdresser - getting a recommendation's best - ask a mate with a govd cut

snowleopard Fri 25-Jul-08 16:20:38

btw I like your name. Not many MNers are named after marine chordata.

Ewe Fri 25-Jul-08 16:27:50

Phone and complain, or even better, get someone else to do it for you. Then demand to be seen by the salon's style director and for them to fix it, they should be able to do something, although obv they can't make it grow.

Or what about extensions?

Tunicate Fri 25-Jul-08 16:40:24

snowleopard - I like the idea of finding somewhere comfortable to settle and then dispensing with my central nervous system. I am a regular, but thought that I was a bit too easy to identify in RL so I changed my name.

I don't actually know how to get images off my camera and online - It's just a dreary looking chin-length bob that draws attention to my double chin. If I let it dry by itself the ends flip out like Miss Hoolie from Balamory and then it has some kind of curtain-pelmet effect at the top where the waves in my hair just make the fringe bit look silly. I think my hair must have been straighter when I was younger. I have to admit that all previous bobs have been longer at the back or at the front, I've never had one that goes straight around like this.

I'm wondering about just going the whole hog and experimenting with peroxide and all the things I've never dared do. It couldn't look worse.

robinpud Fri 25-Jul-08 16:49:48

Tunicate - poor you. Firstly whilst you will feel that the cut is going to be the first thing people notice about you, it won't be. Some people will notice striaght away, some will take ages. Don't talk it down or you will encourage them to be negative with you.

If they straightened it when drying and you haven't then it might be worth borrowing a pair of striaghteners and trying it yourself as it can transform your hair.

If you still really hate it, find a salon you feel comfortable with and a stylist who takes the time to talk to you before your hair is washed and I am sure they will be able to suggest a style you feel more at ease with.

Sorry about your bad news.. hope you have someone to talk to about it..

Tunicate Fri 25-Jul-08 16:53:27

The salon owner was teaching the hairdresser who did the cut - he was going on about how great it looked. Phoning up might be a good idea, than if I cry, it won't be in public.

I don't think I fancy extensions - I did want rid of the long hair. I want something different that matches my personality better - I'm very tired or being taken for someone entirely different from the person I am and this haircut just seems to reinforce the wrong image. I had previously wanted to blend in a bit and had chosen not to look odd, but I'd really like the cover the go with the book a bit more (hence wanting the haircut)as I'm not very conventional really and I'm always being taken the wrong way.

snowleopard Fri 25-Jul-08 17:05:22

I think bobs are touted as suiting everyone but that's actually bolleaux. They can be quite hard to deal with and limiting. Maybe all that needs doing is cutting into the sides and making it more feathery / layery so that the natural waviness will work with it.

longer version of this

But I'm not a hairdresser or any kind of hair expert at all btw. Just had a lot of short haircuts

shhhh Fri 25-Jul-08 17:19:06

extensions imo are a good idea to give you a bit more growing time and chance to find a style instead of rushing into something such as colouring etc....

If the cut is drawing attention to your "chin" how about drawing attention away..for example atm the thing seems to be to gather your fringe and to style in a slope style iykiwm....
not the best example but Jade does it and imo it looks lovely. smile.

chance are however, you are thinking it looks worse than it is BUT when its something you are not happy with them I know how awful it makes you feel...sad


Tunicate Fri 25-Jul-08 17:29:54

Thanks snowleopard - either of those would look so much better and would work with my hair if they take a lot of the weight out of it.

I'm feeling a lot better now and my plan is to don a scarf and go and get some RL girlie advice tomorrow about where to go and get this sorted out. I don't need the stress of going back there and it's not as if it's too short, or that they've had much of my money and I've still got loads of hair to play with.

I never imagined I'd be so upset by a bad haircut - it never used to bother me when I was 19.

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