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Maternity clothes nightmare

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Violetgirl Fri 25-Jul-08 14:31:56

Can anybody recommend great places for interesting and fashionable maternity clothes? Also, maternity knickers - do I need them?
And has anybody found any maternity jeans that actually stay up?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

dizzydixies Fri 25-Jul-08 14:34:11

can you not get away with buying bigger sized clothing for a while - Matalan and New look both do ranges that go up to 20/22 which are nice

matty clothes at -
dot perkins
new look
isabella oliver - but pricey
crave maternity

wouldn't bother with matty knickers although tesco are selling theirs half price if you really feel the need smile

crokky Fri 25-Jul-08 14:34:15

I didn't get maternity knickers. Just got cheap multipacks of cotton knickers 2 or 3 sizes up from normal.

My trousers were always falling down during both pgs, can't help you there!!

biglips Fri 25-Jul-08 14:36:30

From the high st its Mothercare, new look does mat clothes. There are a few good websites too .

but i find it very expensive so ive just got bigger sizes instead that fitted me nice and also im wearing BIG knickers and not mat ones, plus my jeans are from Mothercare.

How far are you? as if early days then its common for your jeans/pants to slide down grin

Lola234 Fri 25-Jul-08 14:37:15

you know when i was pregnant i didn't waste money buying maternity clothes, instead i bought big clothes i liked in the sale so it was cheap and fashionable. then after the pregnancy and i slimmed down, i gave of it away and still wear some of it as oversized

Sunshinemummy Fri 25-Jul-08 14:37:55

I use Top Shop, Gap and H&M. French Connection also have loads of great clothes you can wear during maternity due to their shape but they aren't designated mat clothes. I've used bikini briefs all the way through both pregnancies and have never bought special knickers.

Violetgirl Fri 25-Jul-08 14:47:44

Thanks for the tips. I'm twenty weeks but have put on tons of weight, hence the problem with finding jeans. Topshop have some great ones but they're just not big enough!

hanaflower Fri 25-Jul-08 14:50:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bogie Fri 25-Jul-08 14:51:10

h & m are my fave for maternity jeans

Hannah81 Fri 25-Jul-08 14:54:18

i liked dorothy perkins maternity - good sales too - and also liked jojo maman bebe - but thats cos their factory is near us and v v cheap - its in newport swales if your anywhere near there.

Sunshinemummy Fri 25-Jul-08 15:01:36

I also have Gap jeans that haven't fallen down yet!

PinkPussyCat Fri 25-Jul-08 15:05:31

As far as knickers are concerned, I didn't buy any maternity ones but used M&S low-rise boy-shorts...they were in packs of 5 and sat nicely under the bump.

FWIW All my maternity jeans fell down too!

witchandchips Fri 25-Jul-08 15:13:14

i would really really recommend getting a few things that fit and flatter you and your bump. I've got a couple of skirts from isabelle oliver, a few tops from jojo maman bebe and a couple of empire line dresses in the ghost sale. I am just amazed at how much better I felt wearing these rather than dps shirts and trousers.

hanaflower Fri 25-Jul-08 15:18:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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