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Your recommendations for holiday shampoo/conditioner because.........

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firstmum45 Thu 24-Jul-08 14:46:25

Everytime I go away on holiday to another country the shampoo and conditioner I take (various makes)never seems to foam up as well or fails to keep my hair soft and silky.

Is there anything you have used that you can recommend?

I'm going to Greece so lots of showers hair washing required. My hair is shoulder length, highlighted and fine so need requires lots of body boosting stuff tis particulary limp in hot weather. Always envious of those girls with thick hair on holiday looks great around the pool, whilst mine loks like a soggy chip!grin

If you use a combined body/hair wash that would be great as it would save me room in case.

Thanks all

Neeerly3 Thu 24-Jul-08 14:50:53

water in other countries is different to here (i guess the same as moving from a hard water to softwater area), so makes shampoo's react in a different way - also humidity has a lot to do with how limp/frizzy.maky your hair looks. Would suggest putting hair up, or wearing a bandana in the day and just washing once at night before going out for meal.

Try looking for brands that make a holiday version of their shampoo - I believe i used to buy something that smelt all coconutty as that is such a holiday smell - think it was Beach Blonde or something by John Frieda.

Neeerly3 Thu 24-Jul-08 14:51:24

maky! should be manky sorry!

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