Advanced search can I buy these shoes with DH knowing. I have a summer shoes "thing" and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

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ladytophamhatt Thu 24-Jul-08 13:50:20

I already have 2 pairs of birkenstocks, 4 pairs of flipflops, 2 wedge heals thing....

Look, aen't they luvvvvvverly

ladytophamhatt Thu 24-Jul-08 13:53:11

bugger not those....those are boring and plain.

Its these ones.

DisenchantedPlusBump Thu 24-Jul-08 13:53:50


ladytophamhatt Thu 24-Jul-08 13:54:57

ffs, these one

Neeerly3 Thu 24-Jul-08 13:55:13


VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 24-Jul-08 13:55:21

Just buy them.

Neeerly3 Thu 24-Jul-08 13:55:44


Fimbo Thu 24-Jul-08 14:01:55

Buy them and tell them you got them for a bargain in the charity shop.

I did get my birkies (brand new) from a charity shop for £2

pickie Thu 24-Jul-08 14:06:41

would he notice though? My Dh wouldnt notice if I had new shoes grin so no need to tell then ....

brimfull Thu 24-Jul-08 14:07:30

I like them but can't walk in that sort of sandal.

I'm waiting for these in blue to be delivered

FluffyMummy123 Thu 24-Jul-08 14:08:07

Message withdrawn

pointydog Thu 24-Jul-08 14:08:08

They are very plain sandals with a bit of lively fabric.

I think you must be programmed to see all birkenstocks as lovely

BrownSuga Thu 24-Jul-08 14:09:38

flipflops and birkies don't count as shoes, therefore you actually only have 2 pairs of summer shoes

Fimbo Thu 24-Jul-08 14:10:46

I personally don't like Birkies. Mine are for work purposes only.

ladytophamhatt Thu 24-Jul-08 14:13:42

Its the unsymmetrical-ness (is that a word??) of teh pattern that I love pointy.

I know a horrible birkenstock when I see onegrinwink

pointydog Thu 24-Jul-08 14:14:43

asymmetrical, yes

Fimbo Thu 24-Jul-08 14:15:31

I like those Birkies I should have said.

The ones I have are the two strap affair which are pretty gross

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