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Is anyone here an authority on fake tans?

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Gunnerbean Wed 23-Jul-08 23:40:12

I have tried loads and am now toying with the idea of buying a St Tropez one and was wondering which is the best oe to go for.

I know I don't get on with the spray on mist ones so don't want that one and was wondering about the "Whipped Bronze" variety. I want it to be coloured so you can see what you've put on but after looking at them all for ages, it doesn't seem that there are varying shades available.

I have very fair skin so only want a light looking tan and don't want to look like I;ve been tango-ed. So, does anyone swear by St Tropez and can give me any advice?

Moomin Wed 23-Jul-08 23:50:14

I wouldn't say I'm an authority on fake tans, but I do lurve St Tropez and have found it to be vastly superior to everything else I've ever tried. I once bought the whipped bronze and it lasted ages. It goes on a kind of funny grey colour so I always applied it about an hour before going to bed (not in white sheets, btw!) and then I could shower as soon as I got up. Colour was fabulous and I am very pale but the colour was really natural and not at all orangey.

Recently I've been using the St Tropez everyday lotion which is also very good and less 'full-on'. I'm going to a wedding on Saturday so bought some of the spray on mist today which I'm going to give a go. I, like you, don't usually get on with spray on fake tans but St Tropez has never let me down before, so I'm going to try it. I've also had a couple of professional spray tans with St Tropez and they were fab.

Ewe Wed 23-Jul-08 23:57:27

I have crap skin and have tried every fake tan on the market pretty much and have settled on St.Tropez. It is brilliant and th everyday is also really good, if I could only have 5 products this would be one of them.

Clarins fake tan gives a very light glowy natural colour and comes in gel, cream and spray so you can choose whatever delivery method you like. I also like Fake Bake but it is fairly dark.

twinsetandpearls Thu 24-Jul-08 00:46:13

I am also a st tropez fan and use the whipped mouse. I also have fair skin. Fake bake gives an even colour but tends to be too dark for me.

Gunnerbean Thu 24-Jul-08 21:03:53

So, it sounds like St Tropez Whipped Bronze could be the stuff for me then...

For those of you who are fair skinned and have used it, have you found it only comes in one tone/colour?

I know a lot of people swear by these spray on ones now but after my recent total nightmare with L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Airbrush-Effect Self Tanning Dry Mist (after which I had to keep totally covered up for at least a week!) I'm not tempted to go down that route again.

So Whipped Bronze it is!

daisydora Thu 24-Jul-08 21:07:08

Is the Whipped Bronze the mousse??

I use St Tropez mousse all the time, by far the best on th emarket imo. And I have used just about every false tan out there!!!

I recall that St Tropez tends to work with your natural skin colour, so if your fair you shouldn't come out looking like Jodi Marsh grin

Piffle Thu 24-Jul-08 21:07:21

I use whip bronze and st t airbrush. The spray gives v light glow I love it
The whip is weird but does give good colour but messier to apply
I rate st t stuff really good stuff

mosschops30 Thu 24-Jul-08 21:08:14

Another vote here for St Tropez. I used to use Whipped Bronze, its great for a special occaision, but I find it a bit of an effort otherwise for all summer use.

This year I have been using the St Tropez everyday which is fabulous, its given me a lovely colour and i just put it on like a moisturiser, its much easier, cleaner and less hassle

Piffle Thu 24-Jul-08 21:10:31

the st t airbrush works it really is easy idiot proof.
Boots doing specials atm I think?

WhatsupDoc Thu 24-Jul-08 21:10:53

I love the Lancome flash bronzer for the face - it's a gel. Gives a really natural tan

It's a bit pricey - you can get it in Department stores (I just bought a new one from ebay)

You wouldn't use it for the rest of your body though smile

Jewelsandgems Thu 24-Jul-08 21:24:28

St tropez all the way! Yes, I have everyday to and it is excellent, and have the mouse which is also, as everyone has said, flawless. I do find for me that I can put on one layer on the mouse on legs, rub it in really well, then add another layer straight after and rub it in and then go out like that - for some reason my legs do not fake tan as well as the rest of me.

Always have lots of comments from people on how good my leg colour is, and this is when I have done the double layer and gone out like that.

I do use the loreal dry mist for face though and this is really really good. Much better than those tan + face moistorisors because you spray in, takes 3 seconds, then you can apply your own night creme.

Have used the Make Believe spray in a can tan and this was also very good, but colour better with St Trop. (also, you do not need to use the st trop's own brand moistorisor for knees/elbows etc I use old fashioned nivea creme and this works just as well but is only like a quid or something)

Flier Fri 25-Jul-08 07:58:08

I used the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Airbrush-Effect Self Tanning Dry Mist yesterday morning and it was disastrous, really really streaky. Didn't realise until 6.30pm (thanfully had been wearing a long skirt), rushed into town to Boots to buy the miracle fake tan remover, and ended up coming home with the St Tropez mousse in a set with the exfoliater and moisturiser.

So, used it last night and I am pretty pleased, a little bit streaky around the ankles, and mr right knee is a bit patchy, but thats more to do with being a novice, I think, but the previous streakyness has mostly disappeared, thankfully grin

LisaLessLumpy Fri 25-Jul-08 10:27:01

I am going to go and get some of the St T stuff as it seems to get a good result from all you lovely ladies. I have tried various creams/sprays etc and not been overly pleased with any of them hmm So which is the best to go for? I am a medium colour skin already. Is the mousse the one that gives an instant colour so you can see where you have put it?

VictorianSqualor Fri 25-Jul-08 10:32:21

I have used about ten fake tans in the last couple of months.
My favourite is piz buin spray.
Spray it rub it until it's all rubbed in, then rub more.
For my face I use johnsons holiday skin (the medium/dark one).

Moomin Fri 25-Jul-08 10:33:54

I tried the spray stuff last night - it's the same stuff they use in the salons so it sprays on greyish as well. I did it about an hour before I went to bed.... BUT the colour isn't as even and good as the mousse this morning. I have quite a few patches from not applying it evenly enough. In the salon this was fine as the girl obviously knew what she was doing. The colour is still great but I think I'll have to give it another coat today. I wouldn't do the spray unless someone else is helping you.

I'd go for the mousse as a 1st-timer - I had great results with this. There are two shades in most St T stuff, one for pale skins and one for a deeper colour, so go for the pale stuff. Buy some latex gloves for the application and then rub the backs of your hands over your legs when you take the gloves off to get a little colour on your hands.

By the way, for the first hour or so you will look quite 'dirty' due to the grey colour but then the colour starts coming through and will look more normal. Last time I had a salon spray I went out for lunch straight after and it didn't look too bad (but that was in a low-lit bar!)

LisaLessLumpy Fri 25-Jul-08 11:04:01

Moomin - brilliant thanks

Piffle Fri 25-Jul-08 20:01:36

I've got a buffer glove that came in original st t lotion packs. It helps you blend the mousse/lotion for immediate wear if needed
I'm a fake tan pro found the st t spray fab

giggly Fri 25-Jul-08 23:59:18

Oh I am sitting here in my birthday suit waiting for my St Tr whipped mouse to dry. I will wake up streak free!

clarebear1 Sat 26-Jul-08 08:49:52

I use StTropez auto bronzant lotion (thats the lotion which is brown so u can see it goin on). Ive never had any problems,love it! Tip! buy it on ebay for a fraction of the price! ;-)

chipo Sat 26-Jul-08 10:40:50

Just a question, but do you end up smelling funny?

Flier Sat 26-Jul-08 13:00:53

grr, i never thought of ebay, will do that next time.

beautyscientist Sat 26-Jul-08 13:10:20

Enjoy them while you can. I have heard that the EU are planning legislation on fake tans. You probably have a decade before anything comes into force though.

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