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So if I use hair removal cream on my legs NOW...

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HaventSleptForAYear Tue 22-Jul-08 11:16:25

How soon can I wax them?

Weather forecast great for the next few days, can't get an appt for waxing til Friday (when the weather is supposed to break sad).

Do I use the cream now and make an appointment for next week or keep the one I have for Friday morning?

How quickly does the hair grow back?

(Can't shave, makes my eczema terrible plus would lose the "benefit" of waxing for years - finer hairs etc.)

theexmrsfederer Tue 22-Jul-08 12:29:01

I think if you remove hair now it won't be long enough to make waxing worthwhile on Friday.

HaventSleptForAYear Tue 22-Jul-08 12:31:21

Ok - thanks. Might wait til next week - it's too hot to wear jeans for the next 3 days !

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