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So, I finally got a bikini, well two actually, but .....

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IllegallyBrunette Tue 22-Jul-08 09:59:39

I am really not sure about the bottoms.

I had the shorts not the bikin briefs, and they just seem to make me look huge.

I really like the tops though, which really surprised me.

Should I get the bikin brief bottoms instead ??

IllegallyBrunette Tue 22-Jul-08 10:00:51

Must add that I have never worn a bikini, even pre kids, and now I have very very bad stretch marks so if I do wear it , it will be a miracle.

FluffyMummy123 Tue 22-Jul-08 10:01:07

Message withdrawn

IllegallyBrunette Tue 22-Jul-08 10:01:58

Ok, will order now.

Walnutshell Tue 22-Jul-08 10:03:00

shorts make everyone but the tallest, thinnest woman look dumpier.

plus unless you have super-toned thighs, they provide an extra bump of fat that one just does not require.

or was that just me in M&S on Sunday? vowing to reduce my thighage asap.

get the briefs!

Walnutshell Tue 22-Jul-08 10:03:34

and then get someting for the stretch marks - bio-oil? must do that myself.

piratecat Tue 22-Jul-08 10:04:15

depends on the style of the bottoms. high leg types can make you look (me that is) worse. I have two bikin's, one has boy shorts style bottoms and is quite flattering. The other has very basic but not thin on the sides bikini bottom.

I only wear bikini on the beach, never in garden, as always seem to be up and down with dd. If the tops are good, then you can wear with skirt or shorts/jeans.

SoupDragon Tue 22-Jul-08 10:04:40

I have long legs and those short bottoms make my legs look short and dumpy. Not flattering IME.

As an aside, I'm much more confident in a bikini post children than I was before. I look at my children, think "I've had 3 of thise! and wear my stretched skin with pride. Well, not pride but I don't feel the pressure to look toned and taut any more.

IllegallyBrunette Tue 22-Jul-08 10:05:41

They have hipster briefs or high waisted briefs.

I think the high waisted might look as bad as the shorts.

IllegallyBrunette Tue 22-Jul-08 10:06:42

Or they do briefs with a trim, which is meant to look like a skirt hmm

SoupDragon Tue 22-Jul-08 10:08:44


FluffyMummy123 Tue 22-Jul-08 10:09:42

Message withdrawn

piratecat Tue 22-Jul-08 10:09:42

it really depends on your size, height and shape

Dior Tue 22-Jul-08 10:10:17

Message withdrawn

IllegallyBrunette Tue 22-Jul-08 10:10:21

Will try and link hang on

IllegallyBrunette Tue 22-Jul-08 10:10:48

I am 5'2, size 10-12 with jelly belly LOL.

IllegallyBrunette Tue 22-Jul-08 10:14:06

hipster briefs

swimskirt but in black

high waist briefs in black

IllegallyBrunette Tue 22-Jul-08 10:15:01

Argh, ok if u click on first link, and then look in right hand column, it shows all the other options there.

pubcat Tue 22-Jul-08 10:22:02

the two alternative are very 'shorty' and very 'high' i would stick with the hipster breifs if you are size 10/12.

Dior Tue 22-Jul-08 10:23:44

Message withdrawn

IllegallyBrunette Tue 22-Jul-08 10:44:22

Ok thanks.

I ended up ordering every option so I can try them all on and see what fits best LOL.

Also found another one to try.

Hopefully at least one will be ok.

Gobbledigook Tue 22-Jul-08 10:47:34

Hipster briefs.

Shorts look hideous on most people. They look blardy awful on me and my figure is good I think and I'm all in proportion.

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