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Anyone bored enough to help me accessorize my wedding dress..?

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TillyScoutsmum Sat 19-Jul-08 15:59:04

I want/need some kind of shrug, jewellery, hair stuff and shoes

This is my dress here but its in this colour

Fancied a faux fur shrug but then thought I might look a bit like Mother Christmas - so not sure now hmm

Anyone ?

belgo Sat 19-Jul-08 16:10:49

Lovely dress! My wedding dress was the same colour, I wore a black chiffon shawl with it.

donovan Sat 19-Jul-08 16:15:53

nice for hair
this is nice too

donovan Sat 19-Jul-08 16:17:10


Litterbug Sat 19-Jul-08 16:17:28

I have 2 satin lined fauxfur shrugs from my winter wedding you could have a look at if you want?

One is white the other is champagne.

Handmade by a professional,

TillyScoutsmum Sat 19-Jul-08 16:21:12

Oooh - hadn't really considered black - like that one from Debenhams though (and I have a chiffon one already)...

I wonder if champagne would work with red ?

Litterbug Sat 19-Jul-08 16:22:07

Ahhh sorry, just looked at the dress... didn't see that it was red.

Dropdeadfred Sat 19-Jul-08 16:28:19

these are my wedding shoes they arrived yesterday..what about having silver with your red dress? and white gold/swarovski crystal jewellery and hair accessories?

TillyScoutsmum Sat 19-Jul-08 16:54:41

Ooh - they're lovely Fred ... Quite fancied red shoes but silver would be good as well... Are they comfy ? (I know I sound like an old woman, but I'm a right miserable cow if my shoes hurt)

Dropdeadfred Sat 19-Jul-08 17:03:17

That's the amazing thing TSM..I'm not really a 'shoe' girl...but these I just had to have..and yes they are comfy..I was wearing them walking around the kitchen yesterday with jeans!!!

georgiemama Sat 19-Jul-08 17:17:20

I don't want to rain on your parade but £399 for wedding shoes - you must be mad.

Dropdeadfred Sat 19-Jul-08 17:28:29


solo Sat 19-Jul-08 17:43:03

agreegeorgie! that's almost a mortgage payment!

Dropdeadfred Sat 19-Jul-08 17:48:41

not where I live!!!

Caz10 Sat 19-Jul-08 17:50:31

shock omg beautiful shoes but almost the same price as my dress was!!

i like light gold with red wedding dresses but might be a bit too christmassy?

solo Sat 19-Jul-08 18:36:33

Had fixed rate for a long time - luckily!wink

HonoriaGlossop Sat 19-Jul-08 18:38:32

well I am horrified by £400 for shoes too! But many people aren't, clearly.

i just wanted to say you HAVE to have that black cape, it is PERFECT

TillyScoutsmum Sat 19-Jul-08 18:39:10

I have to admit I didn't look at the price blush. They are stunning though but I think DP would murder me wink. Like the idea of silver though....could maybe do a silver wrap/shrug as well ?

Caz - I think light gold would look good but I don't really wear yellow gold (rings etc. are all plat/white good), so will probably go with silvery accessories

Dropdeadfred Sat 19-Jul-08 19:03:59

Sorry - but I have really cut the budget on a lot of things to allow for those shoes...but at the end of the day you only do it once!!!

maidamess Sat 19-Jul-08 19:11:43

I think red shoes, all the way.

maidamess Sat 19-Jul-08 19:13:37

What time of year are you getting married?

I think if its winter, a long cream coat with a stand up collar would look divine over that dress. I think shrugs/shawls etc have kind of had their day.

You need something you can pop on to get out of the car but you won't need it after that, and the dress is so lovely, just keep it simple rather than over accessorising.

Less is always more!

piratecat Sat 19-Jul-08 19:14:06

those shoes are amazing, am also shock by price, but they are cool.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 19-Jul-08 19:15:17

Message withdrawn

Dropdeadfred Sat 19-Jul-08 19:16:52

and I didn't pay all that money...i paid less than £399

Dropdeadfred Sat 19-Jul-08 19:17:40

cod? no?

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