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That make under show thing, farking great

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S1ur Sat 19-Jul-08 01:41:05

I have just found this (yes yes behind the times) grin

Do object to the snog, marry avoid catagories though. hmm

But still, funny stuff.

cornsilk Sat 19-Jul-08 01:44:28


S1ur Sat 19-Jul-08 01:46:00

That tv thing the make under show, They take theseovermade up badly dressed chicks and then make them more au naturale.

You haven't seen I take it.

S1ur Sat 19-Jul-08 01:46:56

There was a girl who had plastic surgery to make her ears pointy like an elf.

She was rejected though.

Mostly too much fake tan types, made to look normal and ok.

brimfull Sat 19-Jul-08 01:48:32

what channel

cornsilk Sat 19-Jul-08 01:49:46


S1ur Sat 19-Jul-08 01:51:18

Fark knows why Cornsilk

Channel, erm bbc3 but done now. Lemme find linky thing.

Joolyjoolyjoo Sat 19-Jul-08 01:51:43

All the better to hear you with, my dear!!

S1ur Sat 19-Jul-08 01:53:14

lol Jooly

Tis called snog marry avoid, somehow I missed that [doh]

review I haven't read

cornsilk Sat 19-Jul-08 01:53:49

slur why are you up at this hour? Are you in Australia or something?

S1ur Sat 19-Jul-08 01:54:59

Nope, are you? I have been up and down settling late night wakers and now can't sleep.

And you?

cornsilk Sat 19-Jul-08 01:55:18

I am not by the way.

cornsilk Sat 19-Jul-08 01:56:01

Late night wakers?

S1ur Sat 19-Jul-08 01:58:38


A nightmare.

So settled.

Then a disturbed one on back on me leaving after settling from nightmare.

So settled. Now I just am awake. It isn't the first time. Don't judge me grin

cornsilk Sat 19-Jul-08 02:01:09

hmm - my dc's have nightmares too. Only the very most G and T have nightmares on a Friday night you know. Apparently Einstein often had nightmares on Friday nights.

S1ur Sat 19-Jul-08 02:04:53

well obv that would fit. I hear he didn't talk until 3 too, so that would work for ds.

Anyway poor lass (dd), she has been having them all week, I suspect she is either fighting something off or over exciting by upcoming birthday, or just 3 years old.

S1ur Sat 19-Jul-08 02:06:23

Not her upcoming birthday I should add, arrgh. There's a party she is off to tomorrow which she has been needlessly building towards all week, got in a bit of a tizz today about it.

She's fine, just little smile

Joolyjoolyjoo Sat 19-Jul-08 02:10:06

Aww- bless! dd1 (4) had her dancing show the other week. Her moment of glory involved a beach scene where she danced around a bucket (!) That night when I went to tuck her in, she sat bolt upright and said in a panic "Where's my bucket?? Where's my bucket??" before lying back down and resuming her snoring! And here are we, worrying about the mortgage..!

S1ur Sat 19-Jul-08 02:12:41

What a star Jooly, and dedicated too. wink It can be anything though eh? I usually just think ah a virus that has no symptoms other than obnoxious behaviour and poor sleep. That'll be it then.

twinsetandpearls Sat 19-Jul-08 16:32:48

my dp keeps going on about this I have never seen it. when is it one

deeeja Sat 19-Jul-08 20:32:29

It was on today, I just saw it.
All the people looked better 3 months later They still put too much make-up on them, what is it with all the mascara? All that fiddling about with eyeshadow! I thought the couple with the piercings looked scarier without all the jewellery.
What is with the marry snog avoid shite. Is that the measure of success? hmm

Blondilocks Sat 19-Jul-08 20:44:00

DD & I watch that. It's funny! Although I think letting them choose their own hair colour kind of contradicts the thing about "fakery"!!

Most of them look much better afterwards.

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