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Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related. Plus, check out our Swears By page for the inside track on the next Mumsnet must-have.

What's your definition of a style icon and who is yours

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cocolepew Fri 18-Jul-08 14:07:41

On Mary Queen of Shops last week she was asking girls in a bar who their icon was. Nearly all said V Beckham. Made me weep.

fizzbuzz Fri 18-Jul-08 14:09:21

Ugh V Beckham, no style at all....none.

Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O

Bronze Fri 18-Jul-08 14:10:06

My college friend Hannah.

brimfull Fri 18-Jul-08 14:10:26

don't have one

but it def wouldn't be VB

cocolepew Fri 18-Jul-08 14:10:52

Does you mean you dress like them, or you just like the way they dressed?

Minkychunky Fri 18-Jul-08 14:12:55

Anna Piaggi
Isabella Blow
Elizabeth Frink with her crazy brillo hair.

I don't think I spelt their names correctly.

They weren't styled, didn't employ people to dressed them, they were probably as nuts as monkeys on mushrooms but they wore crazy clothes so hilariously well.

I do like a proper eccentric me.

VB- hahahahahahah!

Minkychunky Fri 18-Jul-08 14:14:44

look at EF here- swoon

You can keep your Mary Portas and Alex Currans grin

motherinferior Fri 18-Jul-08 14:15:17

Helena Bonham Carter.

themoon66 Fri 18-Jul-08 14:15:22

ah yes... I saw that Mary Queen of Shops episode too. You need to take into consideration that she was asking the question to Doncaster girls.

(I'm a yorkshire lass myself so allowed to say that)

cocolepew Fri 18-Jul-08 14:16:56

BUT do you just like they way they dress or do you dress similar? (That was a general question, not shouting at you Minky)

Minkychunky Fri 18-Jul-08 14:17:16

Jesus I had no idea Hinge and Bracket had reformed

jesuswhatnext Fri 18-Jul-08 14:23:22

bet lynch blush

cocolepew Fri 18-Jul-08 14:29:01


MrsBadger Fri 18-Jul-08 14:34:37

Mummy from the original Topsy & Tim books

Bronze Fri 18-Jul-08 14:35:49

You know MrsB I'm goign to have to go nd find some of the books in the pit that is dss room now.

Minkychunky Fri 18-Jul-08 14:36:53

Coc I have been known to wear a jaunty hat every now and then wink

cocolepew Fri 18-Jul-08 14:36:54

<<bangs head on keyboard>>

MrsBadger Fri 18-Jul-08 14:43:43

the really early 50s ones where she wears Dior-New-Look full-skirted dresses and a little hat

and gloves

I love gloves

obv i don't dress like her though, I wear jeans and ballet flats like normal people

Sunshinemummy Fri 18-Jul-08 14:46:26

Very much admire the way Cate Blanchett dresses and also like Helena Christensen's style but I don't dress like either.

midnightexpress Fri 18-Jul-08 14:47:40

for motherinferior

Got to love her though.

JackieNo Fri 18-Jul-08 14:57:38

Isabella Rossellini

motherinferior Fri 18-Jul-08 15:03:53

I like that chaotic look. And she is also very beautiful, of course.

cocolepew Fri 18-Jul-08 15:04:37


JackieNo Fri 18-Jul-08 15:05:03

Good one coco.

cocolepew Fri 18-Jul-08 15:06:26

And the lovelyDoris

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