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Swimsuit, tankini or bikini?

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2point4kids Fri 18-Jul-08 09:27:08

I have only ever worn bikinis before (in my size 8 days) but now 2 chldren later and with a (size 12) bit of a belly, i am wondering what to get for my hols...

I cant quite get my head around the fact that people younger than my Nan wear full swimsuits so am thinking that a tankini would be a good compromise?
Or perhaps I should just stick to a bikini and hope my boobs notice more than my belly grin


Saggarmakersbottomknocker Fri 18-Jul-08 09:30:33

Well I've packed a bikini. I'm 44, 3 kids, size 12ish.

I think it depends on where you're going too - I tend to be a bit less cautious abroad. If there are topless 20 somethings who's going to be looking at my tum?

OsmosisBanana Fri 18-Jul-08 09:30:56

Go and try on, impossible to say. They have some surprisingly nice ones in M&S (bikinis that is) ATM.

I bought a bikini the other day (am about a 10/12.. well, 12 if I'm honest with myself) and it is never going to see the light of day.

Unless I shift a stone in record time.

zippitippitoes Fri 18-Jul-08 09:34:05

it just depends what you feel comfortable in

i think finding a flattering comfortable nice fitting bikini is really hard and time consuming

i dont have to think about this now as i am older

and i had to find something quick so total lack of shops meant mand s which is rubbish and i ended up with a ridiculously athletic looking cossie but at least ill feel comfortable in it

someone recommended and linked to debeenhams the other day and that looked a good bet..not one here sadly

dont go to m and s

2point4kids Fri 18-Jul-08 09:38:34

I'm going to have to order online as I will need a top bit that fits my boobs. I'm a 34E so cant fit in standard size 12 stretchy job.. need proper scaffolding!

I think I will order one of each and try them on at home then to see which is ok..

It is to wear abroad, but I will also use it at home to take DCs swimming I should think. At the moment I am still wearing my Mothercare maternity tankini blush

FluffyMummy123 Fri 18-Jul-08 09:59:49

Message withdrawn

OverMyDeadBody Fri 18-Jul-08 10:01:41

tankini is never a good compromise.

Go for a bikini, as Cod said, life is too short.

OverMyDeadBody Fri 18-Jul-08 10:02:58

but go with what you are most comfortable in. You don't want to spend your whole holiday self-conscious or tugging at bits.

witchandchips Fri 18-Jul-08 10:05:29

tankinis draw attention to your belly. A well cut bikini can actually make it look smaller

Rubyrubyruby Fri 18-Jul-08 10:07:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 19-Jul-08 10:41:33

Hope I look this good in a bikini at 63!

<pigs might fly>

janeite Sat 19-Jul-08 14:37:07

I took Cod's advice and got a bikini. I got it from M&S, a 34E cup; they do quite a good size range. I've yet to wear it in public (tried it on so that dp and the girls could reassure me that they wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with me!) but we're off on holiday in a few days and I have decided I'm going to just wear it and not worry about it. There will always be somebody who looks worse!

cece Sat 19-Jul-08 14:42:02

have a look at figleaves too. They are quick to deliver.

Blondilocks Sat 19-Jul-08 20:50:32

I mainly have bikinis as I'm short so find it hard to buy swimsuits that aren't too small up top or aren't too long. I think most people tend to worry about themselves more than others.

I did buy a tankini a few weeks ago though - OH asked what the point of it was & whether I could tan thru it?! MEN eh? I only got it as it was a funky pattern & didn't look too awful!

nkf Sat 19-Jul-08 20:58:50

I'd say a swimsuit but then I have never ever worn a bikini.

ComeOVeneer Sat 19-Jul-08 21:01:43

Tankinis make a ny bely look worse. I am 10/12 and this year have braved a bikini rather than an al in one. Have opted for halterneck top and shorts and dh and dd both said it looks good.

ComeOVeneer Sat 19-Jul-08 21:02:06

any belly

traceybath Sat 19-Jul-08 21:03:20

Am 6 months post 2nd baby and bought a tankini for my holiday.

Big mistake!

Bikini would have looked far better and ended up rolling tankini up to look like a bikini.

Definitely get a bikini.

WilfSell Sat 19-Jul-08 21:04:41

If you're even considering a bikini then your stomach is definitely good enough to wear one. It is only those of us who know we really can't who should stay away. Never a tankini: naff...

themoon66 Sat 19-Jul-08 21:06:12

well i'm 47 years old with DD saggy boobs and I say bikini.

Ok, i'm no jordon the beach/by the pool, but i'm not the worst sight in the world either.

Go for the bikini.

robinredbreastmummy Sat 19-Jul-08 21:07:47

agree tankii make bellys look bigger, almost as if the belly is bursting out

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