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HELP - Hair dye disaster!

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MrsBish Thu 17-Jul-08 22:23:17

Hope someone can tell me what to do...

I used one of those L'Oreal hair dye and hi-lighter kits today, but have had a bit of a disaster. I last used one of them over 18months ago when it worked very well, but this time I had my toddler distracting me and think I must have left the hi-lighting bit on too long!

To cut a long story short - I've been left with a nice rich mid brown base colour, but the hi-lights have gone too light and orangey. And as you're not supposed to let the hi-light bit go near your scalp i've managed to dye in a very very obvious root re-growth kind of look along my parting at the top!!!

What can I do to dull it down a bit. My hair is very healthy at the mo, so can I get away with putting another colour on top? I don't want to make it green! Have got a Wedding to go to on Sat and would like to be able to sort it out by then??

Any hope?

Minkychunky Thu 17-Jul-08 22:25:07

I'm pretty sure you have to put more red on it before it goes back to brown- otherwise it goes a sludge green colour. My sister is a hairdresser I can ask her tomorrow morning if you like.

MrsBish Thu 17-Jul-08 22:30:48

Yes please!!

fircone Fri 18-Jul-08 07:50:22

Hello. I posted this exact same disaster a few months ago. I looked like a tiger. My highlights were bright orange.

The only thing that worked was to use a permanent dye to colour my hair over the top (with another brand!).

I think I really will have to fork out for a professional job, though, as dd reported that at school they were describing their mummies, and she said my hair was "yellow and black". Aaaagggghhh!!!

brimfull Fri 18-Jul-08 07:53:21

dd did this

sh got it sorted out at the hardressers

MrsBish Fri 18-Jul-08 08:36:48

I can't really afford the hairdressers for colours, and certainly don't have the time before the wedding tomorrow!!

I'm sure it's gone more orange overnight!

What sort of colour should I go for? My natural colour is a slushy mid/light brown. Should I try something redish? Don't really want to end up with a red tint though as i don't think it's my colour!!

Buda Fri 18-Jul-08 08:44:23

Is there a help-line number on the packet? Maybe ring them for advice?

MrsBish Fri 18-Jul-08 08:52:42

it says i should leave it 5/6 weeks before using another colour. Or in an emergency i could re colour in two weeks!!

Am going to go and wash it a few times now and then pop to sainsburys to see if i want to risk putting something else on top - or i could just get a hat!!

macherie Fri 18-Jul-08 11:08:44

This happened to me a few years ago , I just dyed it all brown the next day. I'm usually dark brown, so it worked out fine. I find Casting a good one and not as messy as some.

MrsBish Sun 20-Jul-08 21:23:11

Many thanks all.

I ended up putting one of those 24 washes dyes on it in a mid browny/red. It was actually quite nice and makes a good change. So a happyish ending!!

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