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Yay! It's another What To Wear At Weddings thread!

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Slouchy Tue 15-Jul-08 19:11:20

Excpet this one is not asking you all to madly google Coast cos I have NIL money.

I have a wdding on sat. It's dh's cousin. I have nothing especially suitable (that fits).

Can I wear black city shorts d'y'think? With a jade jacket, cream top and killer heels? Or are city shorts Not Done for weddings yet?

Cheers all

Slouchy Tue 15-Jul-08 19:47:02

ok, it really is a no then....

ShadowyMariaMiller Tue 15-Jul-08 19:47:45

yes spose so
what are they goign to do
shove oyu out

Slouchy Tue 15-Jul-08 19:55:43

Well no, but they are as a family keen on the Done Thing - always black for funerals, hats for church weddings etc.
Would you do it, cod? I'm guessing you are cod - who is maria miller anyway? too shadowy for me!

ShadowyMariaMiller Tue 15-Jul-08 19:57:12

sh ei s on a live chat

posieflump Tue 15-Jul-08 20:36:23

I think a smart balck skirt (long ) would be better
black + shorts = no no imo

Slouchy Wed 16-Jul-08 14:41:08

Hmmm. It's a no then. Bum.

oranges Wed 16-Jul-08 14:42:37

I went to a wedding where a guest wore white city shorts and jade top. she looked fab. (the bride was not in white, so was safe)

Flier Wed 16-Jul-08 14:57:27

I thik you may get away with it, only the shorts are black. How old are you?

Slouchy Wed 16-Jul-08 15:34:53

<<Back from school run>>How old am I? 35. My knees haven't gone yet, if that's why you're asking!!

Flier Wed 16-Jul-08 15:45:48

well, I was thinking that if you were in your early 20s or younger you maight get away with it. But, if you feel good in them then go for it, I say, am envy though. sadgrin

teafortwo Wed 16-Jul-08 16:09:55

city shorts for wedding - v Kate Moss!!!!

Knock 'em dead Slouchy you queen of cool you!!! grin

Slouchy Wed 16-Jul-08 16:13:14

Funnily enough, that's exactly what I look like....grin

teafortwo Wed 16-Jul-08 17:10:39

Hey Slouchy... seriously... I saw a wedding party walking towards my local registrar office all head to toe in coast... it looked ok but no wow factor. I think your shorts will be v cool and wow in a good way... I have a wedding to go to in April I would brave the short thing too - but brrrrr those April winds!!!!

newgirl Wed 16-Jul-08 18:48:12

not that keen on black in july

surely there is something you can find/borrow? loads of sales are on...

teafortwo Thu 17-Jul-08 17:58:20

I checked with the mners on "come talk weddings" thread - they all said go for the shorts too!!!! Slouchy - we want photos!!!! grin Unless, perhaps you have an ok or hello deal already - don't forget we know you now!!! You cool celeb!

Lola234 Mon 21-Jul-08 12:22:02

go to HM buy some cheap knee length black short and pair it with gold gladiator sandels and a simple summer vest.

Slouchy Tue 22-Jul-08 08:40:20

As requested, pics on profile.

V positive response - and I felt great. Really practical as well, easy when bending down with kids and cool for dancing. none of that constant top-hoiking that the strapless dress wearers were doing.

verdict: city shorts at weddings are fab.

Lola234 Wed 23-Jul-08 11:28:09


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