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For all those waiting on my report on the permanent blow dry (and for anyone who has frizzy hair that is hell in humidity etc)....

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CountessDracula Tue 15-Jul-08 09:30:44


I washed it out this morning

Left it for 10 mins then...

2 minute rough blow dry and it was dry - result - lovely normal looking hair, slightly tousled and NO FRIZZ
(usual time taken 20 mins - usual result - ball of frizz)

1 minute styling blow dry - only top layer - result - looked like I had been to hairdressers!
(usual time taken 15 mins, sectioning layers etc - usual result, looks ok but still a bit frizzy and bouffant with bits sticking out)

20 second top layer ghd session (to define top layer) - result - perfect.
(usual time taken - 15 mins, sectioning layers ett - usual result - looks good)

Then off to work
Very humid on tube and outside
Usually it would be looking big and coarse and wiry by the time I got to work
Today - looks amazing. My hair looks totally different texture, is all fine and soft, not wiry and frizzy at all

The best £200 I have ever spent IMO!

didn't have time to leave to dry naturally this am (just in case it didn't work!) but will try soon and update you all.

(for those who wonder what i am on about, I had one of these on Friday)

TheOldestCat Tue 15-Jul-08 09:39:07


*glances desperately around flat for something - anything - to sell so she can have the same treatment*

CountessDracula Tue 15-Jul-08 09:39:48

You could always turn to prostitution
It would be worth it wink

Oliveoil Tue 15-Jul-08 09:40:56

on that link, I prefer the Before pic than the After tbh

it is too straight in the after iyswim

will you get roots?

did it take ages?

CountessDracula Tue 15-Jul-08 09:42:44

No you don't get roots it just stops working all over gradually

It took about 2 hrs

yes I prefer the before pic too!
However my hair NEVER looked that good (as hers in before pic)

It is not straight - this treatment doesn't actually straighten. When I rough dried my hair it had its normal wiggles in the ends but without the frizz. Am hoping when I leave to dry will get lovely natural boho hair

CountessDracula Tue 15-Jul-08 09:43:36

I should imagine tha tpic is just after she had it
They straighten it to buggery and you have to leave without washing for 3 days then wnen you wash out your waves come back

Oliveoil Tue 15-Jul-08 09:44:24

oh you must do a leave to dry and report back

I leave mine to dry and it looks lovely for about an hour

frizz appears when completely dry and I have to slather on cream, grrrr

tis wavy though so not too bad

fishie Tue 15-Jul-08 09:46:49

does it really last three months, does it sort of wear off?

not that i am in the market for it, am curly. would look peahead with straight hair.

CountessDracula Tue 15-Jul-08 09:57:23

I wouldn't give you straight hair though
It de frizzes it doesn't straighten
Someone on another thread said theirs lasted a year!

CountessDracula Tue 15-Jul-08 09:58:26

I only had it because I am going to a wedding in W Virginia aka humidity hell and I really do look a fright in humidity
It doesn't matter how well I blow dry and straighten my hair, it always frizzed and puffs up as soon as I walk outsdie

Romy7 Tue 15-Jul-08 10:05:44

so what happens if you have got curly hair? mine is like that monica episode in friends where it gets bigger and frizzier with each minute that passes...

largeginandtonic Tue 15-Jul-08 10:07:44


CountessDracula Tue 15-Jul-08 10:10:07

Well I believe it will look straight for 3 days while the elves work their magic
then it will be curly but not frizzy

Call them and ask!

Romy7 Tue 15-Jul-08 10:15:09

due a tax refund.... grin

CountessDracula Tue 15-Jul-08 10:15:52

I am not certain re the curly hair - you will need to speak to them really

micci25 Tue 15-Jul-08 10:22:57

i want that!!!!!!! would it work on fine hair? mine is part poker straight and shiny part curly part wavy but mainly frizzy!! i just wish it would make its mind up over what its doing!! although blowdrying seems to turn it into one giant fluff ball!! i swear by straighteners and hats when i dont time to straighten!!!

fishie Tue 15-Jul-08 12:06:20

what is in it? can't we get the mumsnet science team boiling something up with bunsen burner?

ShadowyMariaMiller Tue 15-Jul-08 19:30:36

oh my gof
how intersting

ShadowyMariaMiller Tue 15-Jul-08 19:31:28

i note cd that int eh Dm pic she seems ot haevb grown breasticles.

have you suffered the same fate?

Klaw Tue 15-Jul-08 19:40:41

Where am I going to get £200 from?

Wonder if the local beauty school will be needing guinee pigs for their trainees.....

brimfull Tue 15-Jul-08 19:45:02

would it cure an awful kink and curl that occurs at the merest hint of moisture or sweat.

CountessDracula Tue 15-Jul-08 22:45:12

what is a breasticle?
Yes it would cure the second bit of your problem (moisture thing)
Not sure about the kink but you could straighten that out surely

CountessDracula Tue 15-Jul-08 22:46:20

oh btw it is still looking amazing
And it has been very humid today

StellaWasADiver Thu 17-Jul-08 15:54:40

how is it now, cd?

CountessDracula Thu 17-Jul-08 15:55:38

I love being able to wash and go!

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