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To married ladies, what have you done with your wedding dress?

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boogiewoogie Fri 11-Jul-08 21:24:36

Does yours still fit?
It was suggested a while back to make something practical with the material of the skirt but it's still in the berketex carrier. I get it out periodically to try on and take a photo every year but that's it.

expatinscotland Fri 11-Jul-08 21:25:37

I gave it to Oxfam

SugaryBits Fri 11-Jul-08 21:26:36

Mine hasn't been taken out of the box since it was drycleaned after my wedding 5 years ago. I don't want to take it out because it is so beautifully wrapped! DH has mentioned selling it but I want to keep it.

PeachyBAHons Fri 11-Jul-08 21:26:42

would be a bit big now

it lives in the wardrobe and, as its dark grey embroidered, have worn it to a few formal events (its straight, not traipsing around in a meringue LOL)

squeaver Fri 11-Jul-08 21:26:57

Has been in a wardrobe at my parents' house for the last 16 years. Hideous early 90s style nightmare. Couldn't bear to look at it, let alone see if it still fits me.

largeginandtonic Fri 11-Jul-08 21:27:32

I gave it back to the woman i borrowed it from, and the shoes shock grin

PeaMcLean Fri 11-Jul-08 21:28:01

Still upstairs in a bag.

don't know what to do with it.

Thought about dying the shoes black but haven't done that either.

Helsbels4 Fri 11-Jul-08 21:28:30

Mine is hung up in a wardrobe (still not cleaned even though I got married 12yrs ago) blush. Wouldn't even be able to get it on right now cos put on over a stone in weight since then sad.

Nappyzoneneedsanewname Fri 11-Jul-08 21:29:42

Mine is in my wardorbe (it was in the loft but got it down to try on to prove a point) It is 9 yrs old! It still has from the day a lilly stain, a big lager stain and a huge irish coffe stain along with some yellowing around the armpits as i must have perspired in it to! I never got round to getting it cleaned to sell on and my god it still fits - in fact its a bit loose smile

castille Fri 11-Jul-08 21:30:44

Mine is in a wardrobe at my parents' house. Don't know what to do with it. It still fits, but


I didn't really like it that muchsad

Flum Fri 11-Jul-08 21:33:45

Mine up in attic in bag, probably half eaten by mice. Didn't know you were sposed to DO anything with them. Just keep them for daughters to try on and laugh at when teenagers. Mine is such a meringue I still love it. Did try it on again once. The magic had gone though. Love it in my wedding pictures though.

Had thought about selling it an buying a nice bracelet or necklace or something but I am not good with jewellery and lose stuff.

scorpio1 Fri 11-Jul-08 21:35:03

Ebay grin

AlexHanjon Fri 11-Jul-08 21:44:51

Mine is currently hanging in my closet - you know when the husband isnt home and I want to pretend I'm getting married; I try my dress on from time to time. I'm young at heart, old in the mind. Is there something else I'm suppose to do with them? I'm probably going to have my daughter wear it to her wedding assuming its still in one piece....

fin42 Fri 11-Jul-08 21:48:29

Mine's hanging in the wardrobe, luckily it's very straight so it doesn't take up much room. I tried it on our anniversary for the first 2years but it wouldn't go near me now. I'll never get rid of it though!

gemmiegoatlegs Fri 11-Jul-08 21:51:28

mine is still in its box, unlikely to sell as it is altered to within an inch of it's life and really only fits me! Still fits, I'd assume as only two years married. I have absolutely no illusions that dd will one day want to wear it! I don't think I'll ever even try it on again but I can't just chuck it as it is the most expensive piece of clothing I've ever had

luckywinner Fri 11-Jul-08 21:54:59

Mine hangs on the back of my bedroom door. Is quite straight and floaty and its lovely to be able to look at it. Thought about dying it (sp?!) but a friend told me my daughter will love seeing it/playing with it one day.

NamelessNewbie Fri 11-Jul-08 21:56:14

Mine is in the box of dressing up clothes, which is precisely what I kept it for "if I ever have a daughter". Of course it's far too long, and I only rooted it out for my dd, aged 9 quite recently. But it wasn't expensive because I made it myself, I may have felt differently if I had spent loads on it.

Goober Fri 11-Jul-08 21:58:43

In a wardrobe, in a hanger-bag-thingy, still got the beer stain on it that my brother gave me 14 years ago.

differentID Fri 11-Jul-08 22:00:39

mine should still fit- the big day is only a fortnight past! It's waiting to go to the dry cleaners and will then be boxed with shoes, veil and tiara.

Psychomum5 Fri 11-Jul-08 22:00:59

mine is too big, and is under my bed wrapped up.

my DD's tried it on when they were tiny (fab pics), and they want to wear it themselves when they get married. Now, I know that when the time comes they will change their minds, but my dream is still therewink

YouNeverKnowIMightFlounce Fri 11-Jul-08 22:02:34

i ended up with two blush didnt ean to// sold the one i did not wear and hae kept y stunner i would like to hae it adjusted soehow one day when we hae hurh blessing if i' luky and it fits lol// laptop on way out hene odd post and issing letters

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 11-Jul-08 22:02:46

my wedding outfit is hanging in a plastic cover in a cupboard - it should still fit,probably maybe too big !

JacobsPrincess Fri 11-Jul-08 22:06:07

My friends and thought about having a girls night in with champagne and wearing our wedding dresses. Then we realised we'd have to organise it at least a year in advance so that we had the chance to lose enough weight to get back into the dresses!

Tnoog Fri 11-Jul-08 22:06:54

Mine is wrapped in tissue in a wedding dress box in my parents house.

Was tempted to have ds's christening gown made out of it, but he wore the gown I wore for my christening and my father before me.

It should still fit as I'm the same size as I was 12 years ago.

kama Fri 11-Jul-08 22:09:00

Message withdrawn

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