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Help me find a stylish wedding outfit despite the fact I am pregnant and limited to flat shoes.

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artichokes Fri 11-Jul-08 19:57:10

Its a nightmare. A big fancy wedding where I will be faced with lots of former school friends for the first time in over a decade. They will all look fab - I will have a big bump and swollen ankles and will be waddling.

Bear in mind the ankles ladies. They have to be hidden. So what do you think of these choices?

wide legged trousers with
a tunic top


this trouser/cardi comb0


a dress that I may not be able to get away with

TillyScoutsmum Fri 11-Jul-08 19:59:02

Love the dress - stunning

wide legged trousers and tunic are ok

Not keen on the trouser/cardi combo

Swedes Fri 11-Jul-08 19:59:51

Why don't you wear a salwa kamise with a proper beaded wrap. You will look stunning.

LisaLessLumpy Fri 11-Jul-08 20:02:35

Love the dress.
Hate the trousers and cardi.
Like the other trousers but not the burgundy tunic.

LisaLessLumpy Fri 11-Jul-08 20:07:23

Do you want plain tops over patterned ones?

short or long sleeved?

MrsMacaroon Fri 11-Jul-08 20:07:35

the 'audrey' dress on the isabella oliver website is nice too...

janx Fri 11-Jul-08 20:14:04

Hope you don't think I am being cheeky - but I was just about to put a dress for sale on mumsnet. I wore it to a wedding when I was 7 months preggers- its lilac linen - full length from jojobmaman. If you email me I will send you a picture -

artichokes Fri 11-Jul-08 20:16:38

My concern about the dress I linked to is that it is black and too OTT for the church part of the wedding which is at 3.30pm. What do people think?

I have no preference for plain over patterned tops - I just want any outfit that will make me look nice. What tops would look better with the wide legged trousers?

The bright side is that the bump is quite neat and I do still have my waist. The ankles are a real problem though.

Will e-mail you janx.

ApuskiDusky Fri 11-Jul-08 20:17:28

I ordered the previous version of the isabella oliver dress (same but not quite full length) for a black tie do and had to send it back - v lovely on model with wind machine alongside, not so flattering in rl. Or maybe just on me...

artichokes Fri 11-Jul-08 20:17:56

MrsM - the Audrey dress is nice but designed to frame ones ankles!

ApuskiDusky Fri 11-Jul-08 20:19:40

Ignore me - have just checked and the material is not the same - this one looks much better than the one I ordered...

Think of this as bumping!

TillyScoutsmum Fri 11-Jul-08 20:20:46

how about this ?

ApuskiDusky Fri 11-Jul-08 20:22:58

Tillscoutsmum's one is much more day-to-night, think its fab!

artichokes Fri 11-Jul-08 20:25:03

Oooh thank you, I love that one Tilly - with a little jacket I think it would be OK for the church.

TillyScoutsmum Fri 11-Jul-08 20:32:45

I think it'd be lovely. I had one from there for a wedding when I was pg (the ruffle dress) and was really pleased with it.

What colour would you go for ?

micegg Fri 11-Jul-08 21:35:25

How about a maxi dress. They look great on pregnant women. My friend wore a non maternity one to a wedding when she was about 28 weeks. Looked beautiful.

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