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What do you think of this top...........

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FAQ Fri 11-Jul-08 12:44:37

honestly? Top/7021

FAQ Fri 11-Jul-08 12:44:55

\link{ 1/here}

FAQ Fri 11-Jul-08 12:45:26

arghh here

bethoo Fri 11-Jul-08 12:49:09

it is simple so it will go with virtually anything. nice with a pair of jeans.

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 11-Jul-08 12:50:41

I don't like lacy-looking things - they remind me of underwear, sorry !

MrsBadger Fri 11-Jul-08 12:55:35

only for the small of nork - neck too high /sleeves too short for the busty

FAQ Fri 11-Jul-08 12:57:14

I'm a 30D.....

bethoo Fri 11-Jul-08 12:58:30

petite with big knockers! get a v neck or a nice wrapover. grin

MrsBadger Fri 11-Jul-08 12:59:52

use your judgement
I am 32dd and it'd look rubbish on me

FAQ Fri 11-Jul-08 13:01:53

<<<<judgement is rather crap - hence wardrobe being almost entirely full of "safe" plain T-shirt tops blush>>>>>>

I think it looks ok on.....was more concerned about the lacy look and whether I'd look old and frumpy

bethoo Fri 11-Jul-08 13:03:14

if you already have lots of 'safe' tops why nto try something different? you dont want a wardrobe full of samey clothes.

FAQ Fri 11-Jul-08 13:03:14

you know I've never once looked in the mirror and thought "I'd got big norks".....quite the opposite.

Was quite suprised when I got fitted a few weeks back to find I was a D......but still think they look small.....

LoveMyGirls Fri 11-Jul-08 13:03:28

I wouldn't pay £29 for a plain top tbh.

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 11-Jul-08 13:05:31

FAQ - I didn't want to say it, but that kind of top would make a person look frumpy

2cats2many Fri 11-Jul-08 13:06:23

bit boring

MrsBadger Fri 11-Jul-08 13:07:13

well, a 30D boob is objectively less big than a (eg) 38D boob, but it's all about how big theyare compred with your frame.

Have you thought about looking at Bravissimo tops? I know the model are all voluptuous and you are obv petite, but they are cut with room for norks yet fitted at waist and ribs so are remarkably flattering.

FAQ Fri 11-Jul-08 13:07:29

bethoo - this would be different for me....

when I say "plain" - I mean no patterns, just plain, boring on tone/textured tops...

Lacy type is quite adventurous for me.

Should perhaps add - this was given to me in a bag of clothes from someone who goes shopping, doesn't try anything on, goes home, decides she doesn't like something and then can't be bothered to take it!

First impressions when I took it out the bag was "I'd never wear that" - but now I'm not sure

<<<<<<<<<<is very confused and now knows why she rarely ventures onto S&B>>>>>>>>>

bethoo Fri 11-Jul-08 13:08:47

hell if youi did nto pay for it then wear it! grin
though next time you do buy something go for something you would never normally consider, youo may be surprised at how good you look.

FAQ Fri 11-Jul-08 13:11:57

god no! I'd never pay £29 for a top (I do have one or two slightly more adventurous tops in my wardrobe now) - but for everyday wear I still prefer "safe" blush

It took a whole load of bottle to empty almost my entire wardrobe 4 months ago after H moved out to start over again with things that at least looked nice (rather than fat, frumpy, 10yrs out of date, 10yrs old, etc etc etc).

Aefondkiss Fri 11-Jul-08 14:30:34

I think it looks pretty and fresh, and would look good in a simple classic way, with capri style trousers (very Audrey Hepburn) and little pump style shoes.

or with a waistcoat?

it isn't very exciting.

But do you want to be a bit more adventurous?

I don't think 30D is huge of norks (I am 32F and that top wouldn't suit me)

Lola234 Fri 18-Jul-08 14:23:53

it looks nice, and i like the cut.

cocolepew Fri 18-Jul-08 14:26:48

I was going to say it was a bit dear for a shirt, but if was free, wear it!

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