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Sun hat for my big head

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soyabean Wed 09-Jul-08 19:35:35

Have been looking for a sun hat for my large luck so far. I would like something cheapish (under £15 anyway) and it could be cotton or straw, probably floppy vrim style. Accessorise, Marks etc dont seem to do sizes (have been all over Oxford St!)

Lands End seem to do sized winter hats but not summer. If anyone has any ideas I will be so grateful!

soyabean Wed 09-Jul-08 19:42:07

PS and when I say big, it really is big - 60cm it seems!

soyabean Thu 10-Jul-08 07:45:39

Brim, not vrim... Does anyone share my problem?!

morethanyoubargainfor Thu 10-Jul-08 08:12:27

Try Max-cap, they are online and based in wimbeldon. There hats are really good quality. They are over your budget but i would seriously recommend them. I bought my hat from ther three years ago and it still looks brand new and i have just bought my son a cap and he won't take it of, he tells me it is the most comfortable hat he has ever had.

We share your problem! atleast i do, my son has hydrocelpahlus (so i suppose he does to)

You are not alone. grin

janmoomoo Thu 10-Jul-08 08:29:27

Big head here too. Accessorize no good at all for us big heads. I did get a large size sunhat in Gap once but havent seen any this year. Also Uniqlo had some last year in different sizes. Good luck!

cmotdibbler Thu 10-Jul-08 08:36:45

Mens ones are sized, so I'm wearing a mens XL one from Millets that doesn't look bad at all.

If you buy a straw style one, if you wet the inside of the bit that fits onto your head really thorougly, and then jam it on your head and leave it there till it dries it will normally stretch fairly well. For posh hats I get a milliner to stretch them properly, which doesn't cost that much but isn't worth it for sun hats.

soyabean Thu 10-Jul-08 17:57:13

Thanks morethanyoubargainedfor maybe I need to splash out; I like the green spotty one. Just scared I would lose a pricey one!

Janmoomoo I have a lovely winter corduroy cap from Uniqlo but they dont seem to have anything summery at the moment.

Cmotdibbler I looked at a few men's hats but haven't seen any I liked.... And thanks for straw hat tip. Dd's head is quite big too and she wants a straw hat so maybe we can get a cheap one and try stretching.

Anyway thanks all of you fellow large-brained people for the tips!

morethanyoubargainfor Thu 10-Jul-08 21:13:26

Your welcome. I had the same thought when i purchased my first maxcap hat as i loose everything! I never have, the plus point of having a large head is the chances of someone nicking it is slim as it won't fit them grin

soyabean Thu 10-Jul-08 21:16:32

Hmm have been pondering and still not sure I want to spend so much, although it wd be nice. I dont think it wd ge nicked but it might fall out of bag etc

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