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What colour shoes with a chocolate brown dress?

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izzybiz Wed 09-Jul-08 19:25:36

I am going to a wedding in a few weeks, I have found a nice dress on ebay, chocolate brown, strapless, with a silky sash round the middle. (Could be changed for a different colour)

I would want some sort of shrug too, for the service. I will be 33 weeks pregnant, but still want heels, am not a flats sort of girlgrin

What sort of colours could I put with brown?


Miaou Wed 09-Jul-08 19:27:23

WEll I really shouldn't post in style, but what about red shoes? (Not a red shrug though, possibly cream).

nobodysfool Wed 09-Jul-08 19:28:00

I would go for bronze shoes.

JackieNo Wed 09-Jul-08 19:28:01


EffiePerine Wed 09-Jul-08 19:28:11


Fimbo Wed 09-Jul-08 19:28:17

Cream. Or metal shades

Jones Bootmaker website is down at the moment but they have some fantastic bargains on there at the moment. From memory they have a fantastic metallic sandal, I did link it on here a couple of days ago but can't get into now because the site is down.

JackieNo Wed 09-Jul-08 19:28:26

OOh yes - gold or bronze would be good too.

Miaou Wed 09-Jul-08 19:28:29

how about these?

Miaou Wed 09-Jul-08 19:29:09

LOL. I'm obviously on a totally different wavelength. I'll get me coat blush

nobodysfool Wed 09-Jul-08 19:31:44

Something like these....what size are you? ash=item260258500675&_trksid=p3286.m14.l1318

belcantavinissima Wed 09-Jul-08 19:31:58

i want to say bright bright pink or pale duck-egg type blue.

izzybiz Wed 09-Jul-08 19:32:15

Thanks guys.

Would never have thought of red! Do have a very sexy pair of red shoes, would have to see if my feet will still squeeze into them though!!

I like the gold or bronze idea, could change the sash to match.

Thanks, some great ideassmile

EffiePerine Wed 09-Jul-08 19:33:23


WowOoo Wed 09-Jul-08 19:35:04

I think red too!
(that's what i wear) I wear a little red necklace too..

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