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M&S Sale?

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OllieWollieWoo Wed 09-Jul-08 17:10:57

Any idea when the M&S sale starts - need pants, pirate outfit and photoframes - in that order of priority!!!!!!

Ecmo Wed 09-Jul-08 17:12:48

Thursday 19th July

Ecmo Wed 09-Jul-08 17:13:54

oh that can't be right 19th isnt a thursday let me try again


Ecmo Wed 09-Jul-08 17:22:03

Its the 17th according to

OllieWollieWoo Wed 09-Jul-08 21:10:00

Thanks Ecmo - never thought of looking on that website! A

ctually getting v fed up with sale shopping now - wish it was like in Belgium when apparently all sales start on the same day (1st July) and finish at the end of the month - so none of this having to make several trips to visit the shops that have their sales weeks apart - blimey - I should be on that Grumpy Old Women programme!!!!

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