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Please help me find a swimsuit

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Servalan Wed 09-Jul-08 13:00:27

Trying to find a swimsuit at the moment, but it's proving harder than I thought. I've kinda let myself go and want something that won't make me feel too self-conscious

I've got a budget of £30 and would prefer not to go over this if pos.

This is the spec:

I'm 5'8" and size 14-16. Hourglass shape. Have big, baggy stomach that I really want to hide - ideally control. I don't have great legs - horrid and cellulitey.

I want a swimsuit that has proper cup sizes iyswim - cos norks need lots of support or they knock against my ankles blush. Need something that would come in a 36E cupsize

Not so keen on tankinis cos they have a tendancy to ride up when wet and expose aforementioed horrid stomach - so really would like an all in one.

I'm happy to go with patterns -but not animal prints or glitzy "footballers' wives" such prints, which seemed to be all they had in the M&S I visited the other day.

Any ideas gratefully received grin

janmoomoo Wed 09-Jul-08 13:47:08

George at Asda had some good tummy control ones the other day. John Lewis had some gor-jus ones but they were 50 quid plus!

aznerak Wed 09-Jul-08 17:06:48

Hi there

If you can up your budget to £35, then I have the perfect swimsuit for you as I have it myself!!

It is from M&S but no hideous prints - it is plain black. It has tummy control and lift for the norks.....

I didn't want to spend more than £30 either and tried on loads, but when I tried this one, I knew instantly it was the one to have.

It is very comfy and comes in proper cup sizes too, like a bra.

Have a look here and let me know what you think.

The model has of course perfect, pert norks, but I can assure you that I am a 36DD and it fits those with bigger boobies just as well!

If you enter FREEDELV at checkout, you get free delivery on orders over £30 too!

Good luck

bogie Wed 09-Jul-08 17:12:47

I got the most amazing swimsuit from tkmaxx I checked on the internet how much it costs and here it is

It cost me £25 in tkmaxx and looks lovley and has a great underwired boob bit (i am 5'5 and a 14-16)
they had loads of the same make in simlar designs last week too.

Celery Wed 09-Jul-08 17:14:28 al%2fBrown

sorry, can't do fancy links

Servalan Wed 09-Jul-08 18:25:23

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

That's given me some good leads. I'm especially liking the bravissimo one Celery. Loving the colour too.

(The M&S one is lovely aznerak - I would have loved it when I was younger and in better shape - I'm not sure I could carry off such a plunging neckline with confidence these days though grin).

Might be worth me looking in tkmaxx bogie - funny, I forgot about looking there! That swimsuit looks really flattering - though I suspect I'd need a real "cup size" to give myself proper support IYSWIM.

missblythe Wed 09-Jul-08 18:29:31

lovely colour here

bogie Thu 10-Jul-08 08:26:51

Servalan I would go and try one my boobs are a 38DD - 38E and they are fine in that suit.

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