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I know a lot of people liked that Marc Jacobs dress...

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Stargazing Tue 08-Jul-08 20:22:52

.. that I bought in the netaporter sale - so look! here it is in a different colour on ebay if anyone is interested


the only thing I would say is that I think it runs large .. I ended up being an XS, so I would say that this S is a 10-12. But maybe email the seller for measurements if you're interested.

FluffyMummy123 Tue 08-Jul-08 20:23:26

Message withdrawn

Stargazing Tue 08-Jul-08 20:36:42

well, maybe YOU didn't like it. But then, I can't bear Boden.

claricebeansmum Tue 08-Jul-08 20:38:45

Is is quite shapeless.
Which bit would it flatter?

Figfingers Fri 11-Jul-08 09:27:57

I think it´s gorgeous and perfect for a tiny person (as you seem to be)

I am with you on that Boden thing..

Lola234 Fri 18-Jul-08 11:28:50

oh that looks fab, but its sold out now.
i saw this which is similar on my-wardrobe...

du nno if i should get it,what do you think?

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