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What style of shoe with this dress please?

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schneebly Tue 08-Jul-08 13:04:07

It is for a wedding.

I have fat ankles and can wear anything higher than 3 inches blush

Thanks smile

lulumama Tue 08-Jul-08 13:04:53

what dress????

MamaG Tue 08-Jul-08 13:05:04

What dress darling? grin

Is this like the emperors new clothes?

schneebly Tue 08-Jul-08 13:11:08

lol oops lord I am stupid blush

schneebly Tue 08-Jul-08 13:18:47

canT wear anything higher than 3 inches.

lulumama Tue 08-Jul-08 13:20:18

that is gorgeous ! where did you get it??

bit of a wedge? definitely need a bit of a heel

schneebly Tue 08-Jul-08 13:22:11

<<whispers>> brand new on ebay for £14 grin would be happy with a wedge - can walk in those grin

lulumama Tue 08-Jul-08 13:22:35

it is really lovely.

schneebly Tue 08-Jul-08 13:22:50

now what colour do I go for shoes/shrug/bag?

schneebly Tue 08-Jul-08 13:23:14

Oh I am glad you like it - will it be ok on my shpe do you think?

missblythe Tue 08-Jul-08 13:23:57

That's lovely!

A tan leather wedge, with a cork heel maybe?

Then you can have a tan or gold bag.

Lovely dress!

YeahBut Tue 08-Jul-08 13:30:13





schneebly Tue 08-Jul-08 13:32:58

Ooh nice shoes YeahBut!

Silver would be nice with the pink wouldn't it!?

If I went for silver would that have to be for the shoes, bag and shrug or should something be pink/another colour? [clueless emoticon]

schneebly Tue 08-Jul-08 13:36:47

ooh I like these

schneebly Tue 08-Jul-08 13:37:34

they ahve pink ones too!

Lola234 Mon 14-Jul-08 15:42:07

Message deleted

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