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WWW's 10 year younger bootcamp, July 2008, mark II

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WideWebWitch Sun 06-Jul-08 19:20:46

Hello everyone, old and new.

This is about feeling better about yourself and looking and feeling better etc. But mainly we chat and laugh quite a lot, which has all got to help towards happiness etc.

The rules (anyone can join):

- Sunscreen at all times - REALLY mean this now summer is here.

- No or little booze. Wine or Champagne or whatever at the weekend is allowed if you want it

- Walking is important, a small amount every day if possible. 30 mins if you can

- Lots of water, aim for 2 litres a day

- Apply body cream as often as possible

- Use hand cream

- Go to bed early, by 10.30pm if pos

- Eat healthily

- Be happy

The idea is that we all feel happier, healthier and glow with the good food, sleep, exercise, water and lack of sun damage.

Some people are doing India and Neris's Idiot Proof Diet (Atkins, more or less), others are doing Slimy World, others are just being as healthy as possible.

Welcome everyone, have a good week.

WideWebWitch Sun 06-Jul-08 19:28:11


2 rashers bacon
2 chipolata
2 fried eggs

smoked cheese
squid, octopus

no idea what we're having for supper, don't feel remotely hungry though. PMT over, hurrah!

not enough water today, harder at home I find
used sunscreen when I went out

had a lovely weekend though, including a very drunken Friday night with some lovely friends, which I paid for with a headache that didn't go away all day Saturday. Mind you, waking up in a very dark room in a 5 star hotel with a huge bed to myself helped. Struggled home and went for hair of the dog and drank Champagne in moderation last night so felt fine this morning.

Cannot WAIT for next weekend as dh and I have THREE whole nights together in hotels in London, bliss. (5 star the first 2 nights, 4 star, dahling, the third). Am looking forward to it enormously.

I hope everyone has a good week and Yoyo, I hope you are glad that Tuesday is nearer. Do call and get an appt on Monday if you need to. If you tell them how worried you are I bet you can get in faster.

Othersideofthechannel Sun 06-Jul-08 19:32:36

What's the Slimy world diet involve? Lots of snails? wink

Othersideofthechannel Sun 06-Jul-08 19:43:53

Do you have to post a list of what you have eaten. Can I just lurk a bit to get back on healthy track after an indulgent hen night?

WideWebWitch Sun 06-Jul-08 19:49:30

Hi othersideofthechannel, you don't have to post anything, of course not, you can lurk all you like, it's a friendly thread. Slimy world is aka Slimming World, think they do lowish carbs and counting things but haven't ever done it myself.

What this thread has meant for me is that I don't drink in the week (v rarely) and I think about the stuff on the list and remember sunscreen etc and generally feel better for it.

There's also lots of chatting and it makes me laugh quite often too. So, welcome! Was the hen night good? How over indulgent? Do tell us!

Othersideofthechannel Sun 06-Jul-08 20:02:12

Great fun thanks, but inevitably too much alcohol and fattening 'nibbles'and not enough sleep, followed by cravings for fizzy drinks and high fat, salty foods to combat hangover.
Time for an early night and a fresh start tomorrow.

yoyo Sun 06-Jul-08 22:04:22

Busy day today which has kept my mind on other things. Still sore and will be waiting, phone in hand, at 8.30 tomorrow to get an appointment. Strange pain, deep in tissue and if my memory serves me right not unlike a blocked milk duct.

Bootcamp not been good this w/e particularly and have not been to the gym. Aim to go tomorrow as DH is away (again).

Glad you had a good night with friends WWW - 5* hotel and huge bed sounds great. Am sure the London trip will be fab too. Are you seeing any shows?

Thanks again to all - am muttering "pain is good" fairly frequently!

eemie Sun 06-Jul-08 22:04:33

Grateful for start of new week after wobbly tearful weekend with dh away.

I was grumpy with dd, didn't get enough done, only so-so on the healthy eating (which cheered dd up - she got sausage and chips, a rare treat) and to top it all my (varifocal) glasses seem to have dematerialised this morning.

But we did manage several sunny walks in the parks and Happy Valley with Her Puppyship, whose manners are already much better.

Have more work to do before bed, got to go.

Have a look at Mornington Crescent if you're nearby - there will be a toast to Humph when we get to 1,000 posts smile.

arfishy Mon 07-Jul-08 03:29:10

Greetings from Fiji!

Bootcamping is going as well as can be expected. I have done reasonably well by having Bircher Museli instead of a breakfast fry-up every day and have been drinking water. I have only had ONE banana daquiri [glows with worthiness] and ordered a fruit platter for lunch today [glossing over yesterdays burger].

Here's the holiday porn for those who asked for it. I couldn't find the old thread so apologies for not keeping up.

Outrigger Fiji I have a butler grin

We are off to Robinson Crusoe Island tomorrow for the day Robinson Crusoe Island and I'm really looking forward to it.

Most importantly, it is my birthday today smile. I am angling for extra champagne and might even get a trip to the spa at some point.

Welcome to the new converts. Hope everybody else is ok. Will probably be able to post again later in the week.

PS. Fiji is AMAZING. The people are supposed to be the friendliest in the world (interesting considering they are former cannibals hmm) and the culture and history is very interesting. They are still tribal and have village chiefs. Everybody looks exactly the same - it is considered offensive to be different.

bamamama Mon 07-Jul-08 07:22:51

Morning all.

Happy birthday Arfishy - I think extra champagne is in order.

Yoyo - hope you manage to get your appointment.

Eemie - glad to hear your puppy is moving from newborn-dom to delightful toddler.

WWW - glad you had a good Friday, even if you had to pay for it Saturday! Next weekend sounds wonderful.

Hello othersideofthechannel!

I am very glad of adopting spinach leaves in my salads <need to get out more>. After my lovely spinachy lunch, I mostly spent this afternoon asleep as ds had a rubbish night and decided to get up an hour earlier than usual. He always saves this sort of lark for when his father is away. Ah well, so have just got up and had a nice cup of tea and a couple of biccies. And it's raining so all in all I'm recreating home, time difference and all.

Hope Monday is kind to you all.

batters Mon 07-Jul-08 08:29:07

Morning all.

Happy birthday Arfishy.

Yoyo - how is the appointment situation going, have been thinking of you?

www - what hotels are you and dh going to <<insert nosy emoticon>>.

eemie - sorry about wobbly weekend.

Had a fabulous weekend. Lunch with an old friend. Dinner and drinks (lots of 'em too) with some other lovely friends, and another dinner (different day, honest!) with another friend. Took dd and her friend to see Kung Fu Panda yesterday and laughed at that too .

Horrid weather but in 5 days time I shall be in Barcelona!

Prufrock Mon 07-Jul-08 08:50:25

Your weekends don't sound very bootcamp to me www and batters.

I am back to being good (well, for today at least) and have started well by bodybrushing, and will soon go and eat healthy granola. Nearly 2 weeks of no exercise, crap food and alcohol has left me feeling really rubbish, and propped up in bed watching crap TV last night I realised that I wasn't actually enjoying the wine I was drinking. So the fridge has been emptied.

yoyo - hope you got an appointment
Wow arf - that looks gorgeous, happy birthday
eemie - my puppy has regressed - he's always been chewy, but has always limited it to his own bed/bones/occasional toy kids have left on the lawn, but yesterday he took 2 of my shoes from the bottom step and destroyed them. Fortunately they were both cheap flip flop's, but I've had to stop everyone from leaving their shoes out in the hal.

Marina Mon 07-Jul-08 10:17:44

Morning all
do hope the dr's appt goes OK yoyo, will be thinking of you.
Agree with everyone else who says that the pain, while a worry, is a good sign on the whole XXX
OKish weekend, I have hecticism galore until 22nd July with loads of stuff on at work, school, home and with aged ps. Got off to a shocker of s start on Friday night blush and my hair of the dog was a Kitkat consumed to stop me passing out in the baking heat of dd's swimming lesson far too early the next day
envy at Fiji, how lovely arfishy
Othersideofthechannel, Slimming World is either: low fat, low dairy, high protein and loads of fruit and veg (Original); or, low fat, low dairy, high complex carbs and loads of fruit and veg (Green).
It's a good diet for those who find IPD or Atkins a bit scary. I have a wonderful Group Leader so I brave the weekly sessions in our community centre as well I have lost a stone but need to lose lots more and am a bit becalmed at the minute

chutneymary Mon 07-Jul-08 10:22:52

Hope you have an appointment by now yoyo. Let us know how you get on.

LOvely weekend, but had a wobble about how much weight I am putting on, so am back on the bootcamp and off the chocolate biscuits.

Am enjoying tales of extravagant weekend eating and drinking. Am really missing the booze - still having the odd glass but nothing like I used to. At least the baby will be out by Christmas.

Arfishy - Fidji sounds great. What's the food like. Batters, I went to Barca on my honeymoon and it was wonderful. I love Spain and all the jamon and sherry. And the wonderful Gaudi architecture of course grin. Think I am getting a one track mind.

Pru - when are you going bra shopping for your new norkage? Am very envious, this pg is doing bad things to mine.

Must work. Back later.

chutneymary Mon 07-Jul-08 10:24:56

Hello Marina, how's your dad doing? Much better, I hope. And your mum? It's hard having an ill parent, hope you are ok.

Am embarrassed to spell Fiji like the late 70s scent blush. Can I blame baby brain yet?

WideWebWitch Mon 07-Jul-08 13:21:48

Yoyo, I’m glad that mantra’s keeping you going

Eemie, sorry you’ve been tearful and I hope this week is better

Arfy, OMFG how lovely does that look, I want a butler ! Am impressed at your posting from Fiji and a very Happy Birthday to you!

Bama, I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight, lack of sleep is SUCH a killer. Sympathy.

Batters, oh was kung fu panda good? We are having a studio room in Threadneedles, you can have a virtual tour here on Fri and Sat and then going to The Hoxton on Sunday. We’ve paid for Sat night at The Hoxton too but never mind, it was a cheap deal (£29 on one night0 and I wanted to take DH to Threadneedles so went and had a look round their studios before I left there on Saturday morning and they’re v nice. DH was joking that we could row and sleep in separate hotels if we felt like it on Saturday. Not likely though. Or if we do, HE'S going to The Hoxton!

That sounds like a lovely weekend! How exciting about Barcelona!

Lol Prufrock, well, er, no, my weekend wasn’t v bootcamp, I agree! Welcome back to the fold my stray lamb

Marina, Iywym about being becalmed, moi aussi

Chutney, me too I really wanted to spell it like the 70s scent, I can see the wooden top of the bottle now!

4 chipolatas for breakfast
no wine last night, obviously as I don’t drink during the week
some salami and smoked cheese
prawns mixed with aioli for lunch
and have cheese and brazils for an afternoon snack.

Having a lovely day and working from home next 2 so feeling happy

Forgot my sunscreen this am shock prob because it was pissing down but I like this weather so it’s all good for me!

Hope everyone’s having good Mondays.

batters Mon 07-Jul-08 13:33:42

Kung Fu Panda was goodish www. Dd and friend both enjoyed it. Aimed at the younger market - up to 10 ish I think but certainly I have sat through worse films. Thomas and the Magic wotsit springs immediately to mind.

Dp at home today, his knee hurts. Unfortunately 2 of my 4 clothes parcels have been delivered today, so dp now thinks that I spend all my time and money shopping on the internet, not that it bothers him, but he thinks he's got an insight into my habits he didn't previously have.

Am feeling happy and counting down to my holiday. Possibly due partly to the fact I haven't even tried to get dd to do any tutorial work since Thursday.

your hotels sound fab, www, too.

LOL at prufrock bothering to point out that some members appear to go absent without leave from bootcamp at the weekend.

Wow at arfishy.

And wasn't Dr Who good?

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Mon 07-Jul-08 15:53:35

what news YOYO?

batters - Dr Who was excellent. I almost cried! <saddo>

arfishy - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and roffling @ friendly cannibals. Resort looks gorgeous. What is going on in the tree on Robinson Crusoe page? hmm

I've been reasonably good bootcamp-wise. Had champagne on Saturday for PILs 70th with lovely afternoon tea at hotel (only 4* I'm afraid). wink Lots of water, a bushel of apples & carrots. Sunscreen, moisturiser yes AND I've remembered Flexitol 3 days in a row!

B/f is not good, still hurts thus expressing and supply now dwindling. Archie on 6 week growth spurt and I'm not keeping up. Gah! I hate this bit. So I could be happier.

chutneymary Mon 07-Jul-08 16:00:32

Duchess, how did you manage to avoid the lard when pg? I am deeply envious of the size 12 within 6 weeks. Are carrots and apples the answer?

SYmpathies on the BF, can you pump and feed at the same time? That always kept my supply up.

yoyo Mon 07-Jul-08 16:27:50

Just back from seeing the doctor. She doesn't think it is anything sinister but wants it checked out with a mammogram or ultrasound so have been referred to a breast unit but not as an urgent case. Probably have to wait 4 weeks she thought. She didn't guess at what it could be but told me I will be given a diagnosis by the unit. Any changes and I will go to see her and she will immediately alter my status to urgent. Just have to wait and see what happens over the next few weeks. Glad the process has started.

Been to gym. Trainer happened to be there and said that she is going to start me on interval training and heavier weights. Really looking forward to that. Ticking all other bootcamp boxes so far and will have an early night tonight (does falling asleep on the sofa count as an early night as I am doing this a lot recently?).

Fiji looks amazing. We have just bought garden furniture and a BBQ so the British summer has now officially ended. Rain all week according to DH (cheery fellow that he is).

chutneymary Mon 07-Jul-08 16:34:26

That's a relief Yoyo, do you feel reassured? At least you are in the system now so you can be confident of getting seen, quickly too if anything changes.

Cammelia Mon 07-Jul-08 18:05:15

Just dropping in to say dd is on school summer hols as of last Friday so time here will be severely limited.

Am definitely going to go for Bootcamp Hard (as opposed to Lite) during hols though

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Mon 07-Jul-08 18:31:32

yoyo - glad you got seen today and can at least go back in the meantime if you're worried.

I've started doing intervals at the gym too. I've occasionally done them on the roads but really struggle as the hard bits sometimes make me feel really sick. I'm just doing short but tough ones on the cross trainer at the moment. What sort of weight are you lifting at the moment?

Those hotels look fabbo www. I might book my mum and dad something for their 50th wedding anniversary. I'm really struggling for other ideas - any suggestions anyone?

I feel a bit rough today - was trying to avoid my usual carb fest so maybe that's why.

WideWebWitch Mon 07-Jul-08 18:56:07

Yoyo, that's good to hear. Surely she'd have referred you as urgent if she was concerned?

Saggars, what area are you thinking of? I drool over hotel websires and Tripadvisor sites when I'm not here so happy to help. What are the criteria? Sorry you're feeling rough

Camm, we'll miss you but come and say hello when you can

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Mon 07-Jul-08 19:08:13

www - I have no idea. Mum and Dad are both early 70s - Dad likes walking, mum is less mobil but she sometimes paints (oils and watercolours) while he goes off and walks. I think mum would like to go to London for the weekend and do some of the galleries as they haven't been for years but they wouldn't cope with the tube - it would have to be more of a guided trip.

Hope you manage to pop in occasionally Camm, enjoy the holidays.

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