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High waisted jeans YES or NO

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scorpio1 Sun 06-Jul-08 17:57:09


FYI: am 8/10 and 5'9 and 23

Thought i could wear with bright vest top tucked in?

Hassled Sun 06-Jul-08 18:00:30

With your size and shape, yes. No to anyone with short legs and wide hips (like me).

MissingMyHeels Sun 06-Jul-08 18:03:45

Yes def.

motherinferior Sun 06-Jul-08 18:04:37

I agree with Hassled.

I tried a pair and on my shortarse figure they were not good. The fact I am 22 years older than you may also have contributed to this.

Carmenere Sun 06-Jul-08 18:04:53

God yes, they even look pretty good on me and I am a heifer a bit bigger than you

southeastastra Sun 06-Jul-08 18:06:37

i love mine, they're snuggley

scorpio1 Sun 06-Jul-08 18:07:39

OK just am quite self concious (had baby 11 weeks ago) but like the look of them.


lumpsdumps Sun 06-Jul-08 18:10:56


butwhybutwhy Sun 06-Jul-08 18:11:07

IMO if your going to wear them you have to get the shoes right otherwise they can look cheap.

I dont know why but they do.

scorpio1 Sun 06-Jul-08 18:11:45

have some fab wedges, that ok?

butwhybutwhy Sun 06-Jul-08 18:12:56

What cut are the jeans?

Only wedges with bootcut or flare IMO.
Skinnys or straight cut need heels.

scorpio1 Sun 06-Jul-08 18:13:47

They are flare...dark denim.

butwhybutwhy Sun 06-Jul-08 18:14:41

Oh yes then, wedges will look lush.

scorpio1 Sun 06-Jul-08 18:16:22

Ok, good. Jeans are only from Primark (don't want to spend £££ on something that i prob won't wear often)but i thought would be nice for going out or something.

greenelizabeth Sun 06-Jul-08 18:55:27

if you don't have big boobs, then def yes!!

scorpio1 Sun 06-Jul-08 18:56:36

34c thanks to BF!

Lola234 Mon 14-Jul-08 15:00:02

Message deleted

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