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NEXT directory sale - when?

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lilolilmanchester Sun 06-Jul-08 15:28:18

anyone know? Thought it was around now usually?

lumpsdumps Sun 06-Jul-08 18:35:28

19th July

greenelizabeth Sun 06-Jul-08 18:49:53

oh yes, I remember last year I tried to put some things in my basket, to 'save them' so that I wouldn't have to trawl through looking for them. But it didn't work. I couldn't save what was in my basket. grrrrr.

lackaDAISYcal Sun 06-Jul-08 18:54:51

Soon...according to the website!

lilolilmanchester Sun 06-Jul-08 19:23:45

thanks all. Will wiat til 19th to see what's left before shopping for the hols then.

butwhybutwhy Sun 06-Jul-08 19:26:34

I havent got a VIP slot.

When is it that they dish those out?

lackaDAISYcal Sun 06-Jul-08 19:33:20

I think the VIP slots are pot luck. I've only had one twice in three years.......but as I was a bit bad with my bill (forgot I hadn't paid it a couple of months ago blush), I doubt I'll be getting one this year.

lilolilmanchester Sun 06-Jul-08 19:38:41

I usually get a VIP slot (not because I am VIP - far from it - but because I only ever buy from the sales, and then spend a lot). Has anyone had a VIP slot?? (That i haven't is what prompted this in the first place)

butwhybutwhy Sun 06-Jul-08 19:52:59

I complained at last years summer sale and they gave me one grin
I was sent another for the last sale they had, so I'm hoping I get one for this.

Have spent loads with them over the last year.

FluffyMummy123 Sun 06-Jul-08 19:53:34

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Sun 06-Jul-08 19:54:14

Message withdrawn

lilolilmanchester Sun 06-Jul-08 20:02:15

they're lovely Cod. Which means there's no chance of there being any left come sales time (fingers crossed for you!)
So, I haven't been left of VIP list then?
TBH as each year goes by, there's less and less that suits an old biddy like me, but still like the clothes for DD.

lackaDAISYcal Sun 06-Jul-08 20:04:54

the one in the shorts cod? or the one with the huge bag crouching down?

I'm wanting to get some babygros and such like....and maybe some shoes or a bag if i see anything I like.

FluffyMummy123 Sun 06-Jul-08 20:05:52

Message withdrawn

louii Sun 06-Jul-08 20:07:19

Doubt there will be much in the sale as any clothes i have tried to order lately have been out of stock angry

lackaDAISYcal Sun 06-Jul-08 20:08:05

v nice.

butwhybutwhy Sun 06-Jul-08 21:29:02

Theres a pair of jeans that I want that have been out of stock in store for ages now. I'm hoping they'll go into the sale.

Might get some bargain bits for the kids too like pj's and underwear.

greenelizabeth Sun 06-Jul-08 21:47:43

never anything left in size ten or shoe 38.

but if you're size 6 with size three feet. wey hey..............

MamaG Mon 07-Jul-08 21:45:45

butwhybutwhy - I complained last year too and got one grin

I hissed at hte woman "I've spent over £2000 this year, it that doesnt make me a VIP i don't know what does" blush

busybeingmum Mon 07-Jul-08 22:27:19

Message withdrawn

hockeypuck Mon 07-Jul-08 22:32:08

I normally get VIP invitations. Not sure why, I only order about 4-5 things a year, and then normally in the sale and I've never complained. Just lucky I guess.

I haven't had this years code yet, I'll report back if I do

wonderpetsmum Fri 11-Jul-08 14:40:41

I Normally get the Vip slot and previre 15% discount - but havent even got that either.
I do spend loads in there.
just got a mail to have a look at the new catalogue on line but bloddy thing wont let my get the grey school pinafore.

lilolilmanchester Fri 11-Jul-08 23:14:28

thanks all. So has anyone had a VIP slot yet? I thought it was usually about now???

JRocks Mon 14-Jul-08 14:47:40

I had a look over on where they all lseem to be getting in a bit of a tizz about it - some people are getting slots and others aren't, there's mutiny afoot smile

You can see what is going into the sale here though - hth

also saw someone mention that the M&S sale starts on Thursday at 7am

lilolilmanchester Mon 14-Jul-08 22:50:51

I've had a VIP slot for every sale for years - but not this one. How odd. Unless DH saw the email before I did and deleted it of course!!!

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