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Help am so underwhelmed by Boden sale but feel the need to buy something that I could commit a fashion crime....

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rookiemater Fri 04-Jul-08 22:05:03

I know you lot will be honest after poor littlelapins savaging.

Is the new jersey wrap dress a stylish garment that will be useful at work, or is it as I suspect slightly too long with an unpleasant pattern and dodgy because its still left in the sale in all sizes and colours.

Have recently lost weight preen preen, and am in between sizes 14 and 12.

Oh bum, can't do links, its the new jersey wrap dress in the funny pattern.

Slubberdekangaroomurderer Fri 04-Jul-08 22:11:49

It's horrid. The one with the heinous lapelly collar? No, yuck, vile, monstrously rank beyond all imaginination.

In hell they make you wear that dress, with slippers and a comedy hat.

So I'm going for no.

smugmumofboys Fri 04-Jul-08 22:12:22

Oh God. You are me!

I thought the exact same thing this morning. Anyhoo, after consulatation with mate, I bought it in the blue. I hope it's not to long (am 5' 7") and bought the long one as mate reckoned longer was more flattering. hmm

Not much help am I?

smugmumofboys Fri 04-Jul-08 22:13:18

shock blush

ChanJackieTylerNo Fri 04-Jul-08 22:13:39

I've decided that I'm probably going to steer clear of anything from Boden with a pattern, as it just screams 'LOOK - I SHOP AT BODEN', and I'd rather people thought 'Oh what a nice dress' or whatever. So I think that's probably a no from me too, unless it's there in a plain version?

Slubberdekangaroomurderer Fri 04-Jul-08 22:14:44

Oh ignore me. I'm in a bad mood. I'm sure it'll look lovely on.

rookiemater Fri 04-Jul-08 22:18:18

No, no I haven't bought it yet, that's why I'm asking. I didn't realise it had a collar, probably masked by the vivid pattern grin. I think I'm going to save my pennies until the new season stuff comes in.
Smug - let me know how you get on, if its fab I will reserve my right to change my mind.

girlnextdoor Fri 04-Jul-08 22:18:59

Are wrap jersey dresses still "in" or not?

Bought one at Boden a couple of years vback0 it is a small leaf pattern in cream and brown- not sure whether to Ebay it or not!! Sorry for the hijack.

rookiemater Fri 04-Jul-08 22:21:25

Oh don't ask me, I'm the one about to buy the hideous beyond belief dress....slinks off to littlelapins hutch..... nibbles on lettuce leaf....

smugmumofboys Fri 04-Jul-08 22:22:33

The one I bought doesn't have a lapel thing going on. It's got a smooth edge. Thing is, I'm skint and need something for a not vv posh wedding that I can wear again iyswim and at 60% off it seemed like a bargain.

Now I'm just justifying it to myself, aren't I?

Mate is v stylish tho'. I'm sure I won't look too crap. Wedding soon and can't face trawl round shops.

Damn my pre-bed MN shufties. I should have just gone straight to bed. grin

smugmumofboys Fri 04-Jul-08 22:24:08

girlnextdoor. Im semi-rural mid-Cheshire questions of "in" or "out" are fairly academic.

rookiemater Fri 04-Jul-08 22:24:43

I'm sure it will be fine smug. Like the pre-bed MN shufties. I need to get to bed before drunken DH returns home, discovers me awake and starts either drunkenly talking to me, or worse.

Slubberdekangaroomurderer Fri 04-Jul-08 22:26:26

oh no! I have made people feel bad. Oh dear, I hate that. No look if it has called to you then that is fine, try it on, if it makes you feel happy and makes you look lovely then keep it.

Don't listen to me. I know nothing. I only really know about sponge cakes and canvas tents.

wtf am I even doing on a style thread.

rookiemater Fri 04-Jul-08 22:29:49

No, no I'm fine. Like I said, I need perspective, and after I ended up returning half of my last Boden purchases and regretting the ones I kept, I'd rather get opinions now rather than after the event.
I don't know anything about sponge cakes or canvas tents, in fact the only useful thing i can do is throw in mildly abusive comments in AIBU,so I'm going to wander off to there now and see if the Chicken Nuggetsfest is still going strong.

ChanJackieTylerNo Sat 05-Jul-08 08:09:10

If it helps, the Boden Autumn Preview is up already - I think the offer is 20% off, plus free P&P and returns. You can order now, and most stuff will start shipping in August, by the looks of it.

sophiebbb Sat 05-Jul-08 10:13:42

ChanJackieTylerNo - How do you get the 20% off - is there a code???

ChanJackieTylerNo Sat 05-Jul-08 10:21:50

Ooh - sorry, got it wrong - it's gone down to 10% off. It was 20% a couple of weeks ago though. I guess it goes down, the closer they get to launching it as the 'proper' collection. There's a bar down the right hand side of the home page that says about the 10% off.

puppydavies Sat 05-Jul-08 10:31:40

it's definitely too long and dare i say it frumpy. looks to me like it would be chosen by someone paranoid about their body as a 'safe' option, but i actually think something less tenty would end up being more flattering.

jenk1 Sat 05-Jul-08 11:02:19

there are a couple of lovely dresses on the preview and i like the spotty cardigan.

hannahsaunt Sat 05-Jul-08 11:20:26

I just got exactly what I needed wanted in the sale and was v glad that everything else was either horrid or out of our sizes so I couldn't be tempted [v smug emoticon].

girlnextdoor Sat 05-Jul-08 14:07:50

I think Boden has really messed up this summer- bar one dress, a posh silk-linen one which I bought ages ago- the rest of the skirts and dresses are gross imo.

Usually i am spoilt for choice, but I am sick to death of their loud prints and applique.

Sorry- just had to rant.

DarthVader Sat 05-Jul-08 17:34:53

I agree - there was nothing I wanted from the summer collection except for the kids stuff

girlnextdoor Sat 05-Jul-08 18:45:46

Thank goodness I am not the only one then. I just HATE those droopy skirts and those revolting dresses. (Sorry if anyone has just bought them.)

I really wish they would ring the changes a bit more- the same old stuff comes out every season, but in different colours. It's all very predictable. I have become more of a fan of Kew and Jigsaw.

Having said that, I HAVE ordered a few things from the Autumn preview, but will have to see what it's like in real life.

sophiebbb Sun 06-Jul-08 09:57:08

I got the green and blue union jack mini skirt from the summer collection and love it

Caz10 Sun 06-Jul-08 10:03:47

oh god i bought that dress....

am HOPING it will be "ok for work" grin

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