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Half price Ghost dress - love or hate please

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littlelapin Fri 04-Jul-08 21:38:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PestoMonster Fri 04-Jul-08 21:44:40

Too pink and too Chinesey

fishie Fri 04-Jul-08 21:45:46

and i love pink a lot. how has that managed to be ghost? it has no hang

rookiemater Fri 04-Jul-08 21:46:11

I like it. It is feminine and slightly floaty but unusual as well. Must check out Ghost Sale as Boden is not doing it for me.

allgonebellyup Fri 04-Jul-08 21:46:37

i like it

kiltycoldbum Fri 04-Jul-08 21:46:55

i rather like it, will it go with your colouring though?

S1ur Fri 04-Jul-08 21:47:05

I hate I'm afraid, but I can see it would look good on a friend of mine who is not dissimilar to you.

I think overpriced at £75 though

littlelapin Fri 04-Jul-08 21:48:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ladytophamhatt Fri 04-Jul-08 21:48:39

I liek'd look absolutely shite on me though.

(wouldn't pay 75 smackers fro it either)

hoxtonchick Fri 04-Jul-08 21:49:36

like the 2nd one more. ghost is good for apple shapes (me), but not so good for pears according to a friend of mine.

Slubberdekangaroomurderer Fri 04-Jul-08 21:50:06

1st dress - gopping

2nd dress - deeply gopping

littlelapin Fri 04-Jul-08 21:50:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Slubberdekangaroomurderer Fri 04-Jul-08 21:51:40

gosh that was blunt.

sorry. I don't like them. I have a Pimms (No 1) headache though.

littlelapin Fri 04-Jul-08 21:51:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kiltycoldbum Fri 04-Jul-08 21:52:14

youre rather a well dressed lady aintcha! smile, thing is with the first one, if youre quite pale and blonde you dont want to wear something where all you see is the dress and not you iyswim? would probably look better on a brunette, i.e ME grin only joking!

fishie Fri 04-Jul-08 21:52:37

and that shade of pink is not good for you if you think that other dress will be.

madcol Fri 04-Jul-08 21:52:47

I really like that first dress but I couldn't/wouldn't pay lots for it.

littlelapin Fri 04-Jul-08 21:53:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kiltycoldbum Fri 04-Jul-08 21:53:30

pmsl slubber gopping?! I nearly choked on my maltesers!

fishie Fri 04-Jul-08 21:53:49

oh i have gone blunt too, didn't mean to.

i had a load of bore about skirts and deleted it.

Ladytophamhatt Fri 04-Jul-08 21:54:27

teh 2nd one looks like it should be make from that horrible nylon stuff old grannies wear. Youknow when teh skirt i sthe excat pattern to eth blouse.

Think Bon marche/littlewoods.

littlelapin Fri 04-Jul-08 21:55:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fishie Fri 04-Jul-08 21:57:19

have you seen them in rl though? perhaps they are nicer. my rather dull ghost skirt is super. second hand ebay £18 inc p&p (see i got it in anyway)

ghost site is making m&s look good in comparison

Desiderata Fri 04-Jul-08 21:57:23

It's hideous, mate.

hoxtonchick Fri 04-Jul-08 21:57:56

they are much nicer irl, honest!

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