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Stick on bras - do they work?

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wilbur Tue 01-Jul-08 12:50:28

And if so, which are the best ones? I have A cup norks and have just bought a backless top to wear to my 40th b'day. Need a bit of help at the front, but should I just buy tit tape and hoik them up, or are the sticky bras any good?

Katiekitty Tue 01-Jul-08 13:10:33

I'd stay well clear! I road tested a stick on bra and apart from the fit not being right (I'm a D cup), the main problem I battled against was the glue! The blessed cups just wouldn't stick on and stay on, so all the fluff and fibres from my dress stuck to the glue on my skin and nothing would get it off. Ended up having to scrub away at it in the wee small hours after getting back home and the fluff was still sticking on in a few places a day later!

The cups had a peel off tape but you had to apply special glue and let it go tacky and turn clear (an inexact science), so it was hard to know when they were ready to apply. Gah - the whole episode is coming back to me in glorious technicolour!

Tit tape - always been excellent! My advice is to tape them up and get on with enjoying your 40th!

Tallis Tue 01-Jul-08 13:47:55

Ah, well now I have D if not E-cups and wore a stick-on Braza bra for my wedding. And it was terrrrrrific. Are you looking for, er, uplift or just a sensation of norks staying put? You can almost use the Braza one to, as it were, mould your norks into your preferred shape. I nearly ended up with Jane Russell-style conical look by mistake. And had to use another one. Think you get five in a packet so you could experiment before thebig day.

Works best if your skin is clean and dry. Never had a problem with glue. The whole back of the bra is sticky, and you just peel off backing fabric and away you go. They do look most peculiar once on. You wouldn't want to be out on a first date and have to unveil them.

pickie Tue 01-Jul-08 13:54:45

I bought the Braza ones (just 2 cups that can be resued up to a 100 times) as well and didnt like it at all! I have breastfed both my DC and have noting at the top of my boobs and when using the braza silicone stickers it looks very very odd (DH said it looked like bodged boob job or a plank with 2 bits sticking out!) and we had a good go grin at trying all sorts of different ways but they were just no good.

I ended up with a strapless bra from Huit with some chicken fillets and they look much perkier and naturel grin

wilbur Tue 01-Jul-08 14:25:22

Hmm, interesting. I need a bit of uplift, but mainly it's to reduce jiggle. Perhaps it depends on the shape of the boobs to start with, although I will avoid anything that involves applying glue - katiekitty's experience sounds a real pain and I want them to stay stuck. I had an escaped chicken fillet incident at another party recently and don't want to add a wandering sticky bra to that. Perhaps I will buy a pack of five as well as some tit tape and see how I go. Thank you for the responses.

foofi Tue 01-Jul-08 14:26:42

I bought one of these in La senza last summer and was half way through an evening of dancing when it pinged off at one side! Think I must have been sweating too much LOL.

Katiekitty Tue 01-Jul-08 15:07:34

Ooohh, also, a top tip for whipping off the tit tape is to quickly blast it with a hairdryer before you take it off - it softens the adhesive and it won't hurt at all!

Good luck!

cardy Tue 01-Jul-08 16:18:03

Not in my experience. I bought one (C cup) from M&S and it was less than useless. It was to go under an halter neck dress and in fact in the end I thought it looked better went braless (on holiday only!). Beware though M&S insisted that it was nnon-returnable, I had to go to great lenghths to get my money back.

wilbur Wed 02-Jul-08 11:05:00

Cardy - I tried one of the M&S ones on yesterday, not sticking obv, but just to see. You're right it would have been rubbish, way too narrow fitting for my wide, shallow norks. It was rather like trying to secure a monocle to them. Think the totally sticky disposable ones sound like the ones to try.

Blondilocks Wed 02-Jul-08 19:52:29

How backless is it?

Could you get away with one of those multiway bra's with a backless strap converter thing?

A friend swears by her la senza stick on bra. Personally I've not tried.

Crocky Wed 02-Jul-08 20:38:26

I have used the sticky ones pre kids. Was a pert B cup and found them to be great just for holding in place and reducing jiggle.
Would be no good now in my post two kids droopyness. Now i need a bra to roll them up and shove in.

JackieSBrown Sat 01-Jan-11 20:52:52

I am a fan of stick on bras and they always stick for me.. I am small busted so I love the silicone ones as they are padded. They are not good to wear though if you are going to sweat as they will slide off!

SazzleJ Tue 13-Mar-12 17:32:43

I bought a stick on bra recently for my University graduation ball. Worked a treat, but as the above poster mentioned I wouldn't feel 100% if I was going for a night clubbing (and sweating!). Anyway, my partying days are over for the foreseeable smile Bring on motherhood!

JackieSBrown Tue 09-Apr-13 14:58:32

I have purchased so many stick on bras in the past but the one that really worked for me was an adhesive padded bra from a website called Undercover Glamour. I am quite small busted wearing a size B cup, but was really impressed with them to find a bra that was completely strapless and was made from silicone to give my bust a really lovely shape. If you click here you'll find all different styles of bras and sizing guide.

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