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What do you wear over a dress for work

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woodenchair Sat 28-Jun-08 14:59:02

I really want to start wearing dresses instead of a suit for work, but I'm stuck with what to wear over it for warmth/cover.

It has to be smart enough for client visits, so a cardi won't do.

Am I stuck with a suit jacket? In which case what length

JackieNo Sat 28-Jun-08 15:15:36

Hmm - not good on jackets, so can't easily help you. But I would definitely say that what jacket you wear depends on the dress underneath - did you have any in mind? Or even the general shape?

ZZMum Sat 28-Jun-08 15:19:26

I wear dresses all the time and use a trench style mac over them .. you can get very lightweight ones for summer and something thicker for winter

woodenchair Sat 28-Jun-08 15:26:58

I bought this dress in the sales today, (I'm very happy smile! So it would be for this

zzmum, I hadn't thought about only wearing a coat

maidamess Sat 28-Jun-08 15:37:48

How about a neutral coloured softly tailored blazer type jacket, which would go over plain or patterned dresses. Espirit sometimes have them.

bozza Sat 28-Jun-08 20:03:32

I think that dress would be OK with nothing over, other than a coat if necessary - it has quite long sleeves.

woodenchair Sat 28-Jun-08 20:59:45

Thanks, I've got a business 'thing' to go to next Thursday, I'm going to give it a go then. smile

Lola234 Mon 14-Jul-08 15:23:03

Message deleted

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