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Non-fashionista mum being taken to Nobu for dinner - what do I wear?

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Twoddle Wed 25-Jun-08 20:42:41

Exactly what it says on the tin.

I say non-fashionista in that I don't read women's magazines or follow up-to-the-minute fashions and I'm totally out of the chic London loop, style-wise and geographically. But apparently I am well-dressed in a timeless-classic-meets-hippy way ... hmm

Any ideas? Formal or casual?


Twoddle Wed 25-Jun-08 21:28:17



squeaver Wed 25-Jun-08 21:34:55

First, don't worry about what everyone else is wearing - it may be one of those nights when Nobu is full of businessmen in suits

Absolutely NOT formal. I'd say its more very smart-casual.

Do you have a good pair of jeans that you can wear with heels? And your nicest possible top?

Or a plain shift dress?

Actually, wear what you feel most comfortable in and don't stress about it

Twoddle Wed 25-Jun-08 21:38:53

Thanks, squeaver. I know nothing about this!

How about funky cropped dark jeans with sparkly toe thongs and a pretty smock top with sequins on? Or heels definitely better?

Appreciate this.

squeaver Wed 25-Jun-08 21:41:59

That sounds fine with either choice of footwear although if you don't fall over in heels, wear them!

Food is YUM at Nobu - enjoy!

Twoddle Wed 25-Jun-08 21:45:43

Thank you.

Do they serve a decent veggie platter?


Lola234 Mon 14-Jul-08 14:42:13

Message deleted

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