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Holiday clothes

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janeite Sat 21-Jun-08 15:45:48

We're going to Greece at the end of July, for our first ever family beach holiday. Currently I have very few suitable clothes, so will need to go shopping!

If I tell you what I already have, could you please tell me what else I will need and maybe suggest specifics? Thanks!

I have -
One bikini (black and white flowery pattern)
One tankini (sorry!) - black
One pair of short shorts - black
One pair of knee length linen shorts - black
Camisole tops in black (!), purple, green, red, lilac plus a couple of lovely bright silk ones for evening)
One just above knee denim skirt (maybe no good?)
Black linen trousers
One kaftan thing in multi coloured print
Two silk dresses for evenings
One pair of flip flops.

I know I'll need some footwear of some sort and maybe a sarong? Also, how many beach towels do you think we should take for 2 adults and 2 children? Could we lie on sarongs instead, as they take up less room and are lighter?

What else do I need to know please?!

And how many clothes will the children need - both girls 13 and 11.

janeite Sat 21-Jun-08 16:50:40

Anybody? Pretty please? It's chucking down and I'm cold and I want to sit here and imagine what I could be wearing in the sunshine soon!

traceybath Sat 21-Jun-08 16:56:43

for you i'd suggest some nice wedge heeled sandals in a bright colour (or metallic) - will go with your trousers and dresses for evening.

Denim skirt sounds a little worrying - is it cool? Also short shorts? Are you meaning hot pants? I generally find kaftans/sundresses easier in the day.

Maybe another bikini? Have you got fab sunglasses/bag/sunhat?

janeite Sat 21-Jun-08 17:01:52

God no, not hotpants - just plain, ordinary sort of mid-thigh shorts. Legs aren't bad and I'm size 10-12 so it shouldn't be TOO hideous I hope?

No hat or sunnies set (will need prescription sunnies); my head is very small and I'm having trouble finding a hat that doesn't come down to my chin!!!!

Don't really want to do heels tbh, especially for day time - just need some sandals for pottering around in that aren't flip flops; quite like the idea of silvery ones now you've said that though.

Denim skirt a no go then; thought it might be!

FluffyMummy123 Sat 21-Jun-08 17:04:25

Message withdrawn

Wolfgirl Sat 21-Jun-08 17:07:44

You need some really really LIKE really light weight slutty strapy dresses; We've just come back from Corfu and man its hot - even in June. July will be scorching. Get down to Matalan, OR or or!!! go to the Next clearance sale - if there is one near you.

skimpy skimpy skimpy! just go skimpy!

traceybath Sat 21-Jun-08 17:08:36

Pretty ones here here

janeite Sat 21-Jun-08 17:14:40

Cod I bought that black, white and yellow M&S one that I showed you, but with black short type pants with a yellow trim, rather than the skimpy patterned ones. I'm pleased with it anyway!

Tracey - pretty some of them may be but HOW much?!!! My flip flops were a fiver in M&S!

janeite Sat 21-Jun-08 17:22:20

Oh I've got this too dress - is that the kind of thing you meant, Wolfgirl?

traceybath Sat 21-Jun-08 17:23:15

Very comfy though.

But now with sensible head on:


janeite Sat 21-Jun-08 17:26:07

They are cute - now if you could find something similar without the toe post.....

Like the price!

Wolfgirl Sat 21-Jun-08 17:29:14

aaaaah it looks lovely! yep - that'll do. But also make sure you have some VERY light weight stuff, this dress whilst looks wonderful might be a bit heavy? I cant tell from the pic, but its strappy and short, so 10 points so far! grin and envy that you can wear such a garment

ProfessorGrammaticus Sat 21-Jun-08 17:31:20

how about some cropped trousers for daytime?

Lucycat Sat 21-Jun-08 17:31:30

How about this Blue sundress from joe Browns Bargain price too!

janeite Sat 21-Jun-08 17:32:05

It's quite thin and floaty, so should be okay I think. I agonised over whether I was too old and fat for it but snooty teenage dd said it was fine and she'd be the first to sneer if I looked a complete fool in it!

Wolfgirl Sat 21-Jun-08 17:40:18

oh and get yerself off to Brantano for sandals - they have a big sale on. I bought some today...


they look fab now I have a bit of colour! shame I didnt see them before I went on hols - ah well, no matter!

janeite Sat 21-Jun-08 18:53:41

Never heard of Brantano! I like the shape of those sandals but not so keen on the sparkly bits tbh (although I'm sure they look fab on you!). I also have tiny feet (3 and a half) so need something fairly dainty I guess (says she who spent the day trolling round in her DMs!).

Any more ideas?

Anna8888 Sat 21-Jun-08 18:58:23

Take a towel per person smile

Per woman/girl take:

- maximum 3/4 full beach outfits (swimsuit, beach dress, flip flops, hat, bag, sunglasses)

- maximum 3/4 day outfits (short or mini skirt plus floaty top or floaty dress)

- maximum 3/4 evening outfits (dress plus cardigan)

One pair of Converse or other rubber soled shoes for walking

One pair pretty sandals

Try to avoid black (sorry) - it looks very "Northern Europe" in Greece. White/pink/gold/silver is better; brown and beige swimsuits and bikinis very fashionable this year, with tortoiseshell accessories...

janeite Sat 21-Jun-08 19:56:54

That's really helpful Anna - cheers. Numbers is what I needed! We're going for two weeks, so should I double your numbers?

Would you wear the conversey things with shorts and skirts? What's your definition of pretty sandals?!

I happen to like black, I'm afraid, Northern Europe or not! I look awful in brown or beige. I am trying to be a bit more colourful than usual though!

Wolfgirl Sat 21-Jun-08 20:47:23

As I say we just got back. I took heaps of clothes, and only got to wear about 6 maybe 7 outfits over 14 days. A few days we stayed on the beach so long, we just ate on the taverna's that were on the beach and watched the sun go down. WONDERFUL! A bit stinky.... LOL but heck, who cares.

The main day clothes I wore, were:

bikini's (obviously)
vanity skirt
couple of vest tops
flip flops
walking shoes

then evening:
cropped trousers
strappy dresses
skirts and tops

I swear, you really dont need heaps. But dont forget your accessories, cos then if you have a rather plain outfit you can jazz it up.

Enjoy your hols. where in Greece are you off too?

janeite Sat 21-Jun-08 20:53:35

What's a vanity skirt?

Walking shoes? Do you have a link? And what kind of shorts did you have if you don't mind me asking - many of the ones I've seen are baggy or pleated and look as if they'd just look bulky. The ones I've got so far were just really cheap cotton ones from Marks; quite flattering and nice, cool thin cotton.

We're going to Zakinthos and I want to pack as little as humanly possible! I thought I could hand wash the bikini etc and dry on the balcony?

Anna8888 Sat 21-Jun-08 21:08:35

I usually take one week's worth of outfits and then have them laundered at the end of the first week smile - laundry is much cheaper than buying a whole load of extra beach holiday clothing that you won't wear again.

Anna8888 Sat 21-Jun-08 21:09:43

Yes, I would wear Converse (low tops - it's hot in Greece smile) with shorts/mini skirt.

Pretty sandals - a pair of gold leather thongs perhaps, that go with anything.

Wolfgirl Sat 21-Jun-08 22:21:27

something to cover your backside when going to the pool bar grin

walking shoes.... errr.... Jesus sandals sort of thing, or anything else that is comfy for hot days and walking. not skimpy sandals as in the links you already been given. But have to say.... the Jesus sandals are no fashion statements, just comfy LOL

I bought some nice shorts from Next clearance and Matalan. Next ones were/are fab, really trendy and nice. One pair of short short denim ones and short short white jean shorts (although didnt get round to wearing em)

Yes, rinse as you go. I usually swished my bikini out in the shower when i showered every night, rinsed then hung out to dry, same with tops (shampoo from hair did the trick - and heck.... know one would know) I also take a bit of stringy rope and pegs to make my own line, just in case there isnt one in the appartment.

OK, off to watch some TV - have only just stopped cooking, as have a family for lunch tomorrow (6 kids can you believe. and they are all adorable and so incredibly behaved, and the mum home schools - and my kids love being with them - so thats a bonus)

night night. Hope you get some more tips smile

janeite Sun 22-Jun-08 18:10:47

Comfy is good! Bit of string and pegs is a very good tip too - thanks.

Any more folks?!

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