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Thank a MNer for their priceless Style and Beauty tip!

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expatinscotland Mon 16-Jun-08 23:41:57

Dear Aitch:

That Barbara Daly concealer is the shit!

Dear Marthamoo (whatever you've namechanged to):

That Body Shop Hemp Oil hand creme RULES.

Alambil Mon 16-Jun-08 23:59:38

Hemp hand cream is the business, isn't it!

AitchTwoCiao Tue 17-Jun-08 00:03:11

oh i'm glad you liek it, expat. it really is a good product, and when you consider the price...

expatinscotland Tue 17-Jun-08 17:29:24

Oh, and nomdeplume was also right about the Tesco brand Aloe Fresh body lotion - smells divine, too.

AitchTwoCiao Tue 17-Jun-08 21:03:09

noted. although am partial to bio oil at the mo.

expatinscotland Tue 17-Jun-08 21:04:15

i'm using jojoba oil mixed with wheatgerm oil and a wee bit of Vit E oil.

Piffle Tue 17-Jun-08 21:06:24

fly London shoes
pph for the loop wedge
ummm who was it for fly yuna

Cod for vitalumiere
there are others...

GeoffWode Tue 17-Jun-08 21:07:13

Thank you Talcy for recommending L'Oreal Lash Architect. Slutty lashes ahoy.

WideWebWitch Tue 17-Jun-08 21:07:19

Oh I was wandering about Marthamoo, who is she now? I thank Cod for Flexitol, fab stuff

snowleopard Tue 17-Jun-08 21:08:25

Whoever recommended Bobbi Brown stick foundation (sorry can't remember) - it's great! And actually comes in Pale'n'Pasty.

margoandjerry Tue 17-Jun-08 21:09:30

I'm all about the body shop hemp hand cream too. Though my boss accuses me of running a cannabis factory from my desk grin

spicemonster Tue 17-Jun-08 21:12:32

I would also like to thank cod for the vitalumiere tip - I love it and I've been trying to find a foundation I like for years. I will check out that Barbara Daly concealer (is that from Tesco?)

spicemonster Tue 17-Jun-08 21:15:06

margoandjerry - you're wanted on the meet up thread btw

LyraSilvertongue Tue 17-Jun-08 21:15:33

WWW, what's Flexitol?

Pippo Tue 17-Jun-08 21:17:57

cod for spray on baby oil

WideWebWitch Tue 17-Jun-08 21:27:26

Flexitol is fab foot cream that sorts out cracked heels and crappy feet

Miyazaki Tue 17-Jun-08 21:37:01

Dunno who it was but the person who told me to kick my reeeedickuloss eve lom habit and try ultrabland.

my dh thanks you. and I look just as beautiful of skin. <shhh.... if not more>

And yes, Cod for flexitol

And WWW for Blinc

And MaryAnnSingleton for the nice coloured tights too

Piffle Tue 17-Jun-08 21:47:34

I also ditched eve lom for ultrabland of my own volition. No change but the money.
But thats significant in itself

brimfull Tue 17-Jun-08 21:49:12

link to ultrabland please girls

AitchTwoCiao Tue 17-Jun-08 21:51:35

hmmm, i may try the ultrabland then. how much? is it from lush.
MI told me the M&S Eve Lom rip-off is more htan acceptable, i was going to try that next.

expatinscotland Tue 17-Jun-08 21:54:45

it's about £9 in Lush, aitch.

their Dream Cream is FAB and, for a quick way to scent your room or wardrobe, try one of their bubble bar slices.

every time teh scent starts to fade, just break another piece of it off.

i take their bar soaps on holiday or for camping - have done for ages - because they're great not just for your hair but to wash clothes in a pinch.

not really a beauty tip, but for those of you who need a toothbrush holder for your electric brush, try this one:


littlelapin Tue 17-Jun-08 21:59:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AitchTwoCiao Tue 17-Jun-08 22:01:44

lush do a brilliant face mask as well, i think it's the grape one. totally calms your skin if you have become a bit sensitised.

expatinscotland Tue 17-Jun-08 22:03:12

i'm currently using this to scent my own wardrobes and drawers.

brimfull Tue 17-Jun-08 22:06:57

thanks LL

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