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Thigh chafing remedies - HELP!

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ManhattanMama Mon 09-Jun-08 16:14:35

Summer's well and truly here (she says, typing from 36 degree heat in New York) and I'm suffering from the dreaded thigh-chafe already blush.

Other than lose weight or wear trousers/tights is there anything I can do to reduce the discomfort? I considered talc but have horrible images of clumpy white powder falling from between my thighs as I walk. Fanjo dandruff anyone?

Are there any such things as tights which just cover the thigh area? Cycling shorts would be taking things a bit far I think...

WigWamBam Mon 09-Jun-08 16:17:40

Comfort shorts from Evans - they are like the tops of tights and just cover the thigh area.

They work smile

JackieNo Mon 09-Jun-08 16:18:47

They roll up on mesad. Maybe I don't have the right size. But I also have some control shorts that work in the same way. But they're hotter than the tights ones.

lulumama Mon 09-Jun-08 16:18:58

i was going to suggest a pair of sheerish tights, flesh coloured, possibly the body shaper ones, cut off at the mid thigh....

PortAndLemon Mon 09-Jun-08 16:20:21

There's a kind of gel/cream thingy that serious athletes use on chafing areas to stop them chafing. Can't remember what it's called, but wlll search the deeper recesses of my memory for you.

JackieNo Mon 09-Jun-08 16:21:24

I've got something along these lines.

JackieNo Mon 09-Jun-08 16:28:49

PortAndLemon - do you mean 'Bodyglide'?

Googled and found this but no idea whether it works.

PortAndLemon Mon 09-Jun-08 16:33:06

I was thinking of something like this, although that's not the brand I remember seeing.

sagacious Mon 09-Jun-08 16:48:26

Going on lateral thinking when my feet rub I put a dab of Vaseline on them .. works a treat

I am thinking it could help (and its cheap!)

solo Mon 09-Jun-08 16:52:36

Vaseline between your to feel totally gross surely?

sagacious Mon 09-Jun-08 16:53:37

Theres a rude joke in there somewhere...

ManhattanMama Mon 09-Jun-08 16:57:20


I can imagine trying to peel my thighs apart if I'd liberally spread Vaseline there. A good moisturiser might work though ponders

I've got some Spanx that hit above the knee but they're *really* hot to wear - I'm sweating buckets here as it is.
Not from my nether regions, I hasten to add...

Will investigate those other makes, thanks.

solo Mon 09-Jun-08 16:59:05

LOL@ saga.

cutekids Mon 09-Jun-08 16:59:11

i've used vaseline/petroleum jelly before now. it works for me!

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 09-Jun-08 17:00:17

Message withdrawn

cutekids Mon 09-Jun-08 17:00:21

OH! I've also used that stuff that you put on babys'bums to prevent nappy rash.cannot remember what it's called but it comes in a big white tub....ooh!that's gonna annoy me now...will get back to you.

dexter73 Mon 09-Jun-08 17:15:49

Vaseline is really good for chafing. Sounds a bit greasy but try it!!

lulumama Mon 09-Jun-08 17:17:13

try the sheer tights cut off at the mid thigh.. it does work!

brimfull Mon 09-Jun-08 17:17:56

god I have this problemo

the pants are way too hot for me and I'm wary of them showing through

wonder if that lube stuff could cause embarrassing stains hmm

moshiecat Mon 09-Jun-08 17:18:04

A quick spray of anti-perspirant at the top of each thigh does the trick for me.

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 09-Jun-08 17:23:54

Message withdrawn

Califrau Mon 09-Jun-08 17:24:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Niecie Mon 09-Jun-08 17:27:16

I was going to suggest the same as moshiecat.

If you don't sweat it helps a lot.

I can't say that I fancy the big knickers though - they look really hot. Cut off tights might be a possibility but wouldn't they shred to pieces by the end of the day leaving you trailing nylon wherever you go?

Final solution is to walk like John Wayne when he had just got off his horse - not very elegant though.wink

cutekids - do you mean Sudocrem?

slug Mon 09-Jun-08 17:31:37

Talc works, though sometime frequent application is necessary. So does vasaline, though you need more than just a smear.

ManhattanMama Mon 09-Jun-08 17:34:24

ROFL - have a great mental image of hordes of mnetters striding about town like John Wayne

Yes I'd worry about moisturiser/vaseline stains too. I hadn't thought of anti-perspirant. I actually have some in my handbag - will nip to loo and give it a go!

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