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Intimate waxing etiquette?

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PlaitedPubes Wed 28-May-08 22:35:34

Tomorrow I am booked in for my first ever bikini wax and was wondering what to expect.

I am going to have to get my fanjo out aren't I? Shall I take my socks off? Will I be expected to lie on my back? Will my legs be in stirrups???? shock

Is it too late to cancel??????????

harpomarx Wed 28-May-08 22:36:43

depends how much you're having off pp - hey, I think there's another biking waxing thread going on right now, maybe you should crash that one!

harpomarx Wed 28-May-08 22:38:14

anyway, I have never got my fanjo out (but I don't get the whole lot taken off). Most undignified experience I have had was having pubes trimmed and knickers pinned together with clothes pegs!

PlaitedPubes Wed 28-May-08 22:38:37

okay will have a look. Thankyou, I am very new to this I don't know what I doing.

expatinscotland Wed 28-May-08 22:39:02

for just a bikini wax they'll probably give you paper knickers and move them as necessary.

if you are going for a Brazilian, in order for the therapist to do a thorough job you really should be naked from the waist down.

PlaitedPubes Wed 28-May-08 22:40:39

trimmed? If I wore a skirt would she just peg my knickers and trim? like with scissors and then wax?

PlaitedPubes Wed 28-May-08 22:41:12

Thankyou expat it seems you are in demand tonight lol!

harpomarx Wed 28-May-08 22:41:48

never had paper knickers expat, is that normal?

I do get peed off with timid therapists though who don't do a proper job unless you point the sodding hairs out to them.

I mean, it's embarrassing enough lying there without having to provide directions to your pubes!

harpomarx Wed 28-May-08 22:43:05

that was a one off, ppubes and that was in another country - have never had that here, as I said above, most therapists seem to be a bit timid.

PlaitedPubes Wed 28-May-08 22:45:44

OK thank you.

I am a bit nervous but more about the idea that she'll recoil in horror at my wilderness.

harpomarx Wed 28-May-08 22:47:53

if it really is wild pubes, I'd probably trim before I went - waxing hurts more on long hair!

expatinscotland Wed 28-May-08 22:48:06

I've heard of people having paper knickers here for Brazilians, and, as I had all mine done by Brazilians, I was a bit shocked because it's kit off in such instances.

I mean, you want there to be NO hair that anyone can see in a thong bikini bottom.

So the tech needs to be able to see what she is doing to get it all off.

It's not for the modest.

MirandaG Wed 28-May-08 22:49:13

I would normally trim first (myself at home) They'll ask you how much you want off so have a think about it beforehand. Go for less, then have a look and ask if you want to take a bit more off. I wouldn't get a Brazilian first time (but then I never would - far too scary) If you're getting it done to wear a bikini, then maybe wear the biking pants so you're sure enough is gone. Sometimes they tuck a tissue into your pants and ask you to hold them at the area you'd like to be waxed to, if that makes sense Take a couple of neurofen/paracetamol about half an hour before and eat some chocolate about 5 mins before - lessens the pain for me anyway! It's fine - bit painful at the time, but definitely worth it!

harpomarx Wed 28-May-08 22:52:20

used to have mine done in Brazil expat and never had my kit off - they just seemed to work around what you were wearing. I didn't wear a thong but did wear super skimpy bottoms, don't think anything used to hang out!

expatinscotland Wed 28-May-08 22:53:30

i had mine done in Mexico and they always made me strip off.

but i didn't mind.

because i did used to wear thong bikinis blush.

wouldn't DARE now!

oooo, god.

expatinscotland Wed 28-May-08 22:54:00

i can't believe i used to wear a thong bikini!

harpomarx Wed 28-May-08 22:58:05

know what you mean, expat, I used to wear those tiny Brazilian ones.

strangely enough I think the skimpy ones can be more flattering than the hideous big short you get here. It helps to have a killer tan of course!

pardon Wed 28-May-08 23:00:35

poor expat - she can't have a minute without someone questioning her pubic region

expatinscotland Wed 28-May-08 23:01:28

yeah, but harpo, we walked around on a beach almost naked and didn't think anything of it!

but yeah, i remember not wanting tan lines blush.

in fact, i'd forgotten about tan lines till my sister showed me these new sandals she'd bought (she's in Houston) and asked if she were wearing them to a luncheon the next day.

and she said no because then she'd get tan lines!

she said she's wait till her feet had a proper tan.


and no, she doesn't have wrinkles or freckles and she's 41.

she's quite olive, though.

harpomarx Wed 28-May-08 23:01:48

it is now a very famous pubic region!

harpomarx Wed 28-May-08 23:03:09

funnily enough, tan lines very popular in Brazil I seem to remember - people always wanted to see yours when you'd been on holiday!

pardon Wed 28-May-08 23:05:51

you're right harpo - in fact i think there might be a new type of wax, the brazilian, the hollywood, the EXPAT....

expatinscotland Wed 28-May-08 23:06:06

Lines of your feet from sandals.

I used to get lines from my skirts.

I don't have lines or wrinkles, either.

DD2 has dark skin, but DD1 is very, very fair.

expatinscotland Wed 28-May-08 23:07:10

that Bliss stuff is a good wax and it lasts for AGES.

if you run out of the strips the ones from Sally's do the job just as well.

just straddle a mirror if you're doing it at home, but would NOT recommend this unless you've been having professional waxes for a while.

pardon Wed 28-May-08 23:10:44

Expat you must be an expert - I could not even consider this as a home job, I had to be going to the same girl for 4 years before I took the plunge!

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