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Casual hooded anoraks for 3yo and 5yo girls?

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franch Sat 24-May-08 16:25:13

They have what I would call raincoats (longer length things, fine for the city, shopping, walking to nursery etc), but I want more practical anoraks for them, for rainy days at the playground/park/beach, to wear with jeans. Showerproof, not totally flimsy. Know what I mean? Seen anything?


brimfull Sat 24-May-08 16:27:40

I have been looking for similar for ds this yr.

Last yr H&M did some but not this yr.

franch Sat 24-May-08 16:30:58

Hmm ...

brimfull Sat 24-May-08 16:31:53


brimfull Sat 24-May-08 16:34:17

llbeanis an American site .I have had stuff from them but delivered to my mum in canada which she then sends to me.

Sorry not very practical suggestion -but they do deliver to the uk I think..if you're desperate.

franch Sat 24-May-08 16:37:12

I feel I should be able to find something here, given our climate! The millets ones look good but are more cagouls than anoraks - I was looking for something slightly more substantial but not heavy ski jacket type things.

The LLBean one does look about right as it seems to have a lining ...

HaventSleptForAYear Sat 24-May-08 16:39:44

waterproof world

Their customer service is great (if you need any advice) and they deliver REALLY quickly.

franch Sat 24-May-08 16:58:34

Thanks Havent - these look goo, as do these

franch Sat 24-May-08 16:58:50

good, not goo!

franch Sat 24-May-08 17:35:24

Havent, I can't work out how thin/thick the Eco-Friendly Jackets or the Kiba Print Jackets are (links above) - do you have either of these?

KathG Sat 24-May-08 18:35:59

decathlon waterproof with zip in fleece

HaventSleptForAYear Tue 27-May-08 08:17:57

I have the Kiba stuff for my two DS - it lasted really well for DS1 (2 winters) and now DS2 is wearing it and I have bought the next size up for DS1.

I have the Kiba "suits" - dungarees plus jacket.

The material is quite different to the packaway mac that I have - it's less rustly and thicker but it seems way more waterproof and drys really quickly. They are quite flexible - they have to be with the trousers.

HTH a bit?

franch Tue 27-May-08 08:38:54

thanks havent - I've ordered 2 jackets and a pair of wellies from that site

HaventSleptForAYear Tue 27-May-08 08:44:14

Sorry - I was away Sunday and yesterday - hope it wasn't too late. What did you order?

MargaretMountford Tue 27-May-08 08:46:37

ds has a Regatta one, rolls up into a bag, nice and sturdy but not too thick

franch Tue 27-May-08 14:25:52

I ordered the eco-friendly one, Havent - mainly because it has matching wellies which we needed. I contacted them and they were v good, as you said - apparently they're the same material as the Kiba ones so should be good.

Thanks again

HaventSleptForAYear Tue 27-May-08 15:04:03

Hope they are nice. Let us know.

franch Tue 27-May-08 15:05:44

Will do - thanks!

hana Tue 27-May-08 15:25:04

thanks for posting the waterproof world site - is great. have been looking for new fleeces for dd1 and 2 for ages (used to get boden but havnet had them for ages it seems )
fab! and good price too

teamaster Mon 17-Oct-11 16:34:13

Nine colours, and sizes from 2/3 all the way to 11/13. No complaints about the price either....

moragbellingham Mon 17-Oct-11 17:39:16

These H&M ones seem good - not as warm as the £29.99 ones but with a fleece underneath should be OK.
Lots of pink leftsmile which is unusual - not in stores BTW (any that I have visited).

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