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Yes, yes another hair straightener thread - but please - GHS or SHE stylers?

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Spagblog Fri 16-May-08 13:05:02

And please don't tell me that GHDs are the only option, I can't afford £120.



Also what is the best hair product to use with them?

Spagblog Fri 16-May-08 16:10:13


chocchild Fri 16-May-08 16:15:48

My second choice would be She but to be honest I would do without until I could afford GHd's. My daughter bought the She one's from e-bay and they were very mediocre. We treated her to Ghd's for her birthday 2 years ago and there is no comparison.

Having said that, she has got very thick curly hair which is very difficult to manage.

If your hair is easier to manage then the She ones might do you fine.

Spagblog Fri 16-May-08 19:02:11

Thanks, did you feel that the SHE ones were similar though?

chocchild Fri 16-May-08 19:49:25

I thought the She ones were quite good until we got the Ghd's.

chocchild Fri 16-May-08 19:49:55

The Ghd's get the job done quicker too.

bagism Fri 16-May-08 22:03:51

GHD's got some for my birthday and are fanatastic

Spagblog Sat 17-May-08 08:42:48

Ahhh, but I can't afford GHDs.

I really want someone to say "buy *** they are so much better than GHDs and half the price" - well a girl can dream eh?


chocchild Sun 18-May-08 12:03:59

Oh, Spagblog!!! If your hair is easy to manage then I'm sure that the She one's will be fine. If you have difficult, very culy, frizzy, thick hair then anything but Ghd's will be a waste of money.

pitbull201217 Fri 18-Nov-16 10:25:10

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