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Calling all apples... (let's share tips and good finds that suit our shape)

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CountessDracula Fri 09-May-08 19:28:38

I thought it might be a good idea to share our good finds that suit our shape.

I saw an apple in a gathered full skirt today. It looked dreadful. It made me think that there must be loads of us on mn. What is your favorite outfit? What do you get complimented most in?

"Apple shaped tends to describe women who have wide torsos (full bust, waist and upper back), as they store body fat around the mid section of their bodies (stomach, abdomen and chest). Such women have relatively slim thighs and upper legs. Apple shaped women often have a 'top-heavy' appearance, with a bust and midriff bigger than their hips, a prominent tummy and a flat bottom.

To assess whether you are apple shaped, again measure your hip-waist ratio; if the ratio is greater than 0.8, then you are apple shaped.

If you are apple-shaped then you are in good company ~ other famous UK 'apples' include the beautiful Elizabeth Hurley and Oscar winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

What to wear if you are an 'apple'

Trousers and skirts that are straight. Avoid very fitted or tailored garments, particularly those with well defined waist bands as these will only draw unwanted attention to your mid-section
Avoid mixing and matching many different colours. Choose monochromatic outfits, as the use of just one colour will create an overall impression of length that will focus away from your width
Tops should cover the hip area and be worn over tapered trousers that flatter slimmer legs. Shorter skirts also help to draw interest to your lower body region. Light coloured hosiery (preferably 'nude') will help focus attention on your legs
Pockets should be avoided as often these can be unflattering and attract unwanted attention to the upper body"


Tutter Fri 09-May-08 19:30:36

i think i'm an apple but am not full of bust

i will return to this thread later - am making dinner

have lots of suggestions

CountessDracula Fri 09-May-08 19:31:23

yes me too

36c only

But I have no waist

CountessDracula Fri 09-May-08 19:33:08

more specific shapes here

MamaG Fri 09-May-08 19:34:20

I'm an apple
I suit bootcut jeans/trouser and HEELS. Fitted tops

I rarely suit a dress and would NEVER wear a gathered full skirt

CountessDracula Fri 09-May-08 19:36:08

Oh yes me too

I bought a dress yesterday that actually is quite flattering here

Usually dresses like this make me look a right porker but the band on this one is in just the right place and it flares nicely over gut

VanillaPumpkin Fri 09-May-08 19:37:52

I think I am an apple too as I have a huge ribcage (but only 36b/c boobs) and flat bottom, good legs and although I have a waist it is very high (shortwaisted?) so where a normal waist would be is fat.

I have enjoyed a winter of straight cut jeans and long casual rocket dog boots with tunic tops (or short dresses) over the top. I have felt comfortable and balanced looking slimmer than I might due to good legs in tight jeans.
Summer is harder. I have size 6.5 feet so don't like the straight cut jeans without the boots hmm.

VanillaPumpkin Fri 09-May-08 19:44:23

That dress is gorgeous!
I might be a goblet as I am not totally round as such. I can't do anything with a belt though.

VanillaPumpkin Fri 09-May-08 19:48:45

No boobs not big enough for goblet <sigh>. I would love to be Gok'ed or Trinny and Susannahed.
Is there a website you can send a headless shot to so that someone can define your shape??

wineplease Fri 09-May-08 20:04:41

Can I join?? I am most definatley an 'apple figure'. My trousers are a size 18, however, I am constantly having to pull them up as I have a skinny arse!

My waist is huuugggee, legs are alright. Bra size is a massive 40D! So, yes with those measurements I need some assistance with my dire wardrobe. I am currently living in black cords & various cheap t-shirts. Will watch this thread with interest grin

VanillaPumpkin Fri 09-May-08 20:09:33

Oh yes, size 14 tops here and 12 bottoms but they NEVER NEVER stay up. I am constantly tugging at them. They dig into my waist and sort of ride down as I have no bum to hold them up....
Plus clothes fit fine as long as I am standing up. When I sit the waist bands cut me in half. Grrr.

VanillaPumpkin Fri 09-May-08 20:10:31

That should be 14/16 tops actually...

CountessDracula Fri 09-May-08 20:15:07

Can I tell you all to go to River Island for jeans?
They do grrrrrrreat not too too lo-rise jeans that are tight round arse and thighs but accommodate massive stomach. You do need a belt but they are a brilliant fit

wineplease Fri 09-May-08 20:15:36

Ha VP! My exit from a car is very un ladylike! My arse is always hanging out of my trousers! blush I was planning to buy a few skirts for summer. I live in trousers and I read somewhere that they are not the most flattering item of clothing for 'apples!'.

Any suggestions for styles of skirts/dresses greatly recieved.

wineplease Fri 09-May-08 20:16:59

Does river island have size 18 clothes available blush?

CountessDracula Fri 09-May-08 20:17:42

I don't know
hang on will look

CountessDracula Fri 09-May-08 20:18:40

yes they do!

CountessDracula Fri 09-May-08 20:19:18

I have a ncie denim skirt from white stuff, straight with a bit of a fishtail, which is good

CountessDracula Fri 09-May-08 20:20:36

this looks good i may try on tomorrow

wineplease Fri 09-May-08 20:21:09

Fab, I always avoid River Island thinking it is for 'wee people'. Will now walk in with my head (and stomach) held high grin

VanillaPumpkin Fri 09-May-08 20:21:12

I can't wear low rise jeans due to massive overspill of the stomach. I need a mid waistband to hold my fattest bit in. It seems a pure fluke to find it though. I will try RI though next time I go for jeans, thank you.
I bought a lovely dress in Coast last year (in the sale) that gave me a waist (a good high one). I like Coast, just cannot afford it.
I also am going for skirts this summer. I think they work better as they won't fall down grin. And you can move the waist bit up or down to fit comfortably as long as there is a longish top over the top....

VanillaPumpkin Fri 09-May-08 20:26:53

Empire line style tops should be good for us. I like things with a tie at the back just under the boobs. My slimmest point really.
I cannot wear anything tucked in.

CountessDracula Fri 09-May-08 20:28:13

God no me neither

wineplease Fri 09-May-08 20:28:17 l=alphanu&layout=productdetail

What do you all think of this? It has an elasticated waist too!

VanillaPumpkin Fri 09-May-08 20:29:12

This style ???

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