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has anyone used neals yard skincare?

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cheeryface Thu 08-May-08 21:38:10

after reacting to a few new products i have tried, i was thinking of trying neals yard.

what if anything would you recommend? i need a moisturiser for starters and am looking a bit wrinkly.

cheeryface Thu 08-May-08 22:19:50


cheeryface Fri 09-May-08 14:50:27

i won't bother then!

WowOoo Fri 09-May-08 15:01:24

NO No! Do bother! I love Neal's Yard stuff.
Go in and ask if you have a branch near you. I alternate between Rose facial oil - lovely and thought it def improved my skin (but expensive) and wheatgerm (for when really dry) and almond oil for everyday use. Lady was telling me that there's so much goodness and vitamins in the oils. My son gets some on his dry patches too when he is fast asleep, works a treat.

WowOoo Fri 09-May-08 15:03:58

Re the wrinkles. Even my dh said that he thought I looked less wrinkly after using Rose facial oil.

cheeryface Fri 09-May-08 15:20:53

that does it then! rose facial oil here i come!!
i had read somewhere that the frankinsence cream was supposed to be good but don't know of anyone who has tried it

clarinsgirl Fri 09-May-08 15:23:00

My Sister uses frankinsence cream and loves it but I've never tried it.

Kammy Fri 09-May-08 16:35:35

I use frankinsence face cream and I love it! A few years ago it was also rated best crem for 'mature' skins....

EffiePerine Fri 09-May-08 16:39:07

the rose facial oil is lovely and lasts for ages (esp if you are mean like me and use it with a dropper)

cheeryface Fri 09-May-08 17:56:44

right so, is the rose oil an every night thing, or occasional?
and the frankinsence, is it any good for day time use or would that be night time too?

cheeryface Sat 10-May-08 16:28:17


WatsTheStory Sat 10-May-08 18:43:22

Message withdrawn

zebedee1 Sat 10-May-08 19:20:27

Neal's yard stuff is brilliant, no chemicals and all natural ingrediants so it is v unlikely you will react to anything. If you go to the shop the staff will recommend stuff based on your skin type, or you can look on the website. I use the rose facial oil and the rose and almond night cream, they are fab.

cheeryface Sat 10-May-08 20:49:16

oh right o.k. i thought perhaps my skin was mature!
i am 32 feeling 102

cheeryface Tue 13-May-08 12:14:36

what age is the frankinsence cream for then ?

just out of interest grin

suzywong Tue 13-May-08 12:31:34

all ages
it's bloody marvellous

AnaGi Tue 07-Jun-16 20:42:25

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AnaGi Tue 07-Jun-16 20:42:50

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