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Anyone had hair extensions?

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Rolacola Fri 02-May-08 17:02:22

I have the hair from hell! It's thin and fine and I can't do anything with it. If I grow it, it looks lank and crap, (looks crap anyway angry) so I thought about hair extensions.

If you haven't got much volume of hair, would you see the connecting knots? Will it help me to look better? Can you swim with them? How do you look after them? How much are they? How often do you have to have them re-done, it worth it??

Aargh! I hate my hair!!!

lancarra1 Fri 02-May-08 17:35:59

I do my own extensions as I have fine hair and this method is pretty undectable as the hair is on a weftand bonded in with tape.They stay in for 8-12 weeks I have not swum in them but I wash them every day. As a hairdresser I would not recommend bonded extensions as they are damaging to fine hair and can pull it out at the root(I have trained in this method as well). You do not have to go long as I have a long bob and put them in the sides for fullness. I even do my mum's hair she's 70! (short bob)as she has very fine hair. I hate my hair without them so I know what you mean.

Rolacola Fri 02-May-08 19:01:04

Thanks for responding.

Are they expensive?

lancarra1 Fri 02-May-08 19:15:40

I pay about 1.50 per 12inch tape for a full head you would use 4-6 the hair I use at the moment is synthetic about £10 per metre weft real hair is£22 upwards for same length weft.I get my real hair from hair development they sometimes sell the tapes as well they are called protac tapes.if you look up there is a picture demo to give you an idea they are really easy I taught myself before I was a hairdresser!

DemiMonroe Wed 22-Jun-11 23:12:16

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

liquoriceshakes Mon 27-Jun-11 14:03:29

lancarra1 where did you buy your protac tape? Been looking online but can't find any! smile

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