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Has anyone actually managed to piss through their Spanx then?

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Monkeybird Wed 23-Apr-08 21:59:54

Without a wetting incident, either of gusset, bestockinged legs or, er, fingers (since presumably one has to utilise them to deal with said gusset)?

Because I got my (spanking new) Spanx today and am mystified.

It all seems a bit unsavoury. Though granted, preferable to taking them off. And on again. If they hadn't have been the right size, I shudder to think what might have happened (I did try them on in the hallway and various delivery men were due this morning).

harpomarx Wed 23-Apr-08 22:01:25

i do not have any spanx monkeybird

so i do not fully understand your description

are you trying to tell me they have a wee hole?????

morningpaper Wed 23-Apr-08 22:03:03


are you impressed, apart from the wee wee issue?

does it come with a catheter?

DumbledoresGirl Wed 23-Apr-08 22:03:07

Why can't you just take them off like any other underwear? <mystified>

WankmasterBastardDeLaShithead Wed 23-Apr-08 22:03:15

harpo - I hope that's what she means, I really do.

BettySpaghetti Wed 23-Apr-08 22:04:11

do you mean they have piss flaps ????

(I've always wanted to say "piss flaps" on a thread on mn grin)

snickersnack Wed 23-Apr-08 22:04:45

Am needing to understand this more fully as was contemplating a pair but want to be fully briefed, so to speak wink. Had never thought about the logistics of this.

Do they work?

harpomarx Wed 23-Apr-08 22:04:54


do you change your name to post on serious and/or sensitive threads?

just wondering


DumbledoresGirl Wed 23-Apr-08 22:05:16

OMG MP, I have just looked at your profile. That is not for real is it? shock

beansmum Wed 23-Apr-08 22:05:56

it is easy if you are squatting, in bushes for example, not easy if you are sitting on a toilet like a normal person.

BroccoliSpears Wed 23-Apr-08 22:05:56

I have spanx but have never even considered using the wee hole. They're not that bad to get off and on, and the fallout of a hole-weeing incident gone wrong doesn't bear thinking about.

misdee Wed 23-Apr-08 22:06:06


did u get the all in one thingy then?

i just have the pants, no piss-flaps in those ones.

funnypeculiar Wed 23-Apr-08 22:06:18

woooow. More info needed.
I think.

morningpaper Wed 23-Apr-08 22:06:32

Blimey I'd forgotten I had anything on my profile, I panicked then

Yes that was me two years ago! NOT RECENT!

Gingerbear Wed 23-Apr-08 22:07:17


Best question ever!!!

<<yes I have!!!! blush>>

You need a good pelvic floor, and the right sized spanx.

Bet Gok never gets asked this!!!!

morningpaper Wed 23-Apr-08 22:07:22

are the WORTH IT?

I just tend to wear M&S Super Control tights with no knickers

DumbledoresGirl Wed 23-Apr-08 22:07:36

I hardly know what to say MP as I can see that you are not a mother of twins.

LilRedWG Wed 23-Apr-08 22:08:10

Dh wants to know what I'm giggling at. I daren't tell him that I'm researching the piss flaps on some potential underwear.

Monkeybird Wed 23-Apr-08 22:09:38

Betty [genius] - yes! They do actually have piss flaps!

I got 'em on. Though, MP, I have to say, what with my VERY dodgy stomach and the, well, hosiery-like nature of the Spanx, it did look rather like a really bad, shallow-end-of-the-gene-pool armed robbery for a while. There was quite a lot of folding and tucking in the stomach area. I still looked pregnant, but an altogether smoother pregnant. [Am not BTW]

The thing is, you really CAN't get them off. Well, not in the time it takes you to just be able to hold in your post-baby wee. And if you then wanted to put them back on again, you'd be ready for the carriages at midnight before you got out of the ladies again.

morningpaper Wed 23-Apr-08 22:10:18

I have a MAJOR wrinkly skin issue

I'm only 5 foot

baby was 8 pounds 8

Gingerbear Wed 23-Apr-08 22:11:14

Oh, MP, you have no chance!

morningpaper Wed 23-Apr-08 22:11:42


it is WORKING?

not all leaking out of the top or bottom? (I mean your fat, not your urine)

I really need something to do the job that my stomach muscles used to do

DumbledoresGirl Wed 23-Apr-08 22:12:01

Sorry, I know this is very rude to carry on discussing this on another's thread, but I am guessing you are quite short then? 3 of my babies were just shy of that weight and I never looked like that! I just can't get over it. Sorry!

jingleyjen Wed 23-Apr-08 22:12:10

Yep, I love them but (sorry if tmi) I have to lean forward whilst I pee otherwise I do dribble a little. but don't need hands involved.. perhaps a little practice smile

I am glad you like them.. I would go on an advert (as long as they didn't try to do a before and after shot)

Monkeybird Wed 23-Apr-08 22:12:12

I looked like that too MP (Snoopy's Nose we always called it.) No.3 boy was pretty much around my knees (hence armed robber's face for stomach in Spanx)

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