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Wtf is a "school run dress"?

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TooTicky Tue 22-Apr-08 13:26:30

Do you actually change clothes to drop off/pick up at school?
Who are you trying to impress?
Do you have nothing more important to think about?

Waswondering Sat 26-Apr-08 06:39:05

BBBB - just had a look at those - which fabric did you go for? I liked the brown print one but wasn't sure what it's like in real life!

BugBearisBugBear Sat 26-Apr-08 06:11:12

Where do you stand vis-a-vis mooncups? grin.

My Boden polo shirt-type dress arrived yesterday. Bargainous at £16, and perfect school run material IMO. It is definitely my new "throw on over a swimsuit on holiday" dress, in any case smile.

Fullmoonfiend Fri 25-Apr-08 11:35:41

Big fat sigh...cod dreamed up the phrase. I am getting tired of explaining....
I used the phrase in a thread title as I knew cod would laugh, when I saw a dress i wanted and thought''OMG, this is what cod means by a school-run dress!)

I just meant I had found a nice summer dress.

This will teach me to try and play in the style threads. I'll stick to vegetables, mooncups and lentil-weaving. I know my place.

JackieNo Thu 24-Apr-08 15:04:41

yy - I think so. I think it's purely a MN term - haven't seen it anywhere else.

stuffitllama Thu 24-Apr-08 14:17:36

good lord
if true then her power runs deep and mysterious

JackieNo Thu 24-Apr-08 13:48:27

I think Cod dreamed it up, stuffitgrin. Not sure she's in marketing though...

stuffitllama Thu 24-Apr-08 13:46:12

somebody in marketing dreamed this up
if you buy a dress with the phrase "school run dress" in your head I put it to you that you are a slave to marketing and deep background consumer manipulation

TooTicky Wed 23-Apr-08 23:21:02

But at least there is a purpose Bozza grin

bozza Wed 23-Apr-08 22:09:26

Ah you laugh tooticky but I do indeed have "hangthewashingoutflipflops" they are kept in a cupboard in the utility especially. Although they have been known to multi-task to "waterthepotsflipflops". I am just on the cusp of swapping from wellies to flipflops for these purposes. grin wink

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Apr-08 13:16:21

Message withdrawn

frumpygrumpyhasnofaceon Wed 23-Apr-08 13:15:56

School run dress = tattie sack, tied at the waist with left over present wrap string.......

TooTicky Wed 23-Apr-08 13:13:46

<removes walking-down-the-stairs hat>

<adjusts typing socks>

<prepares hanging-the-washing T shirt>

MamaG Wed 23-Apr-08 13:05:59


FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Apr-08 13:05:28

Message withdrawn

TooTicky Wed 23-Apr-08 13:05:00

Nothing wrong with wearing dresses, just struggling with the idea of a dedicated "school run dress".

bozza Wed 23-Apr-08 12:20:45

Don't get what is wrong with wearing a dress for doing the school run or the shopping or the cleaning TBH. And I think jeans are overworn in this country especially in summer. << bozza studiously avoids glancing at her lower half - I've only got them on because DD went over her handlebars yesterday, otherwise I would be at work>.

stuffitllama Tue 22-Apr-08 19:10:45

that's my 10 minutes toot don't knock it

TooTicky Tue 22-Apr-08 19:08:52

It is a school run when you're late though.

TooTicky Tue 22-Apr-08 19:07:46

<strokes beard>

Fullmoonfiend Tue 22-Apr-08 18:56:35

dear ogds, only on MN could people get sniffy about whether one ''does the school run'' or whether one opts to ''get the kids from school''.
We're not judging all you skankers who go out in public in bikini tops - or worse. So leave us nice summer dress wearers to discuss our highly important mission. wink

FluffyMummy123 Tue 22-Apr-08 18:47:13

Message withdrawn

DarthVader Tue 22-Apr-08 18:45:18

Frankly I struggle to see the point in being female unless you can wear dresses at least 57% of the time.

Otherwise you may as well just grow a beard and be done with it.

<<<runs away from expected backlash>>>

maidamess Tue 22-Apr-08 18:43:58

For some reason, I have never 'done' bikinis, or swimwear in general actually.

Flamesparrow Tue 22-Apr-08 18:39:30

I didn't appreciate my youthful bod at the time, I am just enjoying the one I have

Ledodgy Tue 22-Apr-08 18:39:19

Puffling, I do, I do!

<waves hand in air>

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