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Shampoo & conditioner for curly frizzy hair - advice pleeeaassee

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moodlumthehoodlum Tue 01-Apr-08 17:51:03

I'm beginning to look like crazy hair woman.

I have long curly (aka frizzy) hair that if I don't find a remedy for soon will all be chopped off (I might do it tonight with a pair of kitchen scissors such is my desperate need)

I have thrown money at this particular problem, and already tried:

Phillip Kingsley - useless; Redken - makes my head itch; John Frieda - horrible; Waitrose organic - useless.

One of you lovely groomed MN stylistas must be able to help? Or am I getting too old for long hair anyway (I think I know what the response will be here..)


Whizzz Tue 01-Apr-08 18:03:19

John Frieda Frizz Ease stuff - works a treat for me. If you want straight hair, invest in GHDs too - they also help to tame frizz

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 01-Apr-08 18:05:10

I have very curly hair (shoulder length at the moment). I don't use any particular brand shampoo/conditioner as TBH I don't think any of them do the job. I'm currently using Pantene (for coloured hair I think) because it was on BOGOF. Afterwards while it's still really wet I use a curl cream, again whatever is on offer, and then a good dollop of mousse. I never brush it and once I've done the mousse run my fingers through and leave it. Touching it is on pain of death.

It's a PITA TBH. I'd love hair that I could straighten. Even the hairdresser weilding her GHD's gave it up as a bad job!

Sobernow Tue 01-Apr-08 18:06:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ByTheSea Tue 01-Apr-08 18:08:24

I have long naturally curly frizzy hair too. When I was WOH, I used to spend loads of money on hair products, Nowadays, I use the TreSomme shampoo and conditioner for extra dry hair, and I condition every day (in my morning shower) but only shampoo a couple of times a week. After my shower,I put on Boots Curl Creme, which is pink glop in a tub for the unbeliebably low price of £1.29. I run a brush through my hair, give it a shake and go. My curls are defined and not frizzy or wet looking either. I can't recommend it enough after spending so much for so long.

ByTheSea Tue 01-Apr-08 18:09:28

oops - unbelievably.

luckylady74 Tue 01-Apr-08 18:09:46

I like Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner and how about curl creme when wet and then a tiny bit of serum when dry? Does your hair look nice when you've been to a salon? If so buy their stuff.

moodlumthehoodlum Tue 01-Apr-08 18:09:51

Thanks all. I am deffo frizzier post children - isn't that strange.

I think there is some smooth & sleek pantene in the shower, so I will try that again. I have never mastered straighteners, I just make my hair look like its all stiff and in bad condition (or would that be the quality of my straighteners, rather than my lack of skill?)

I might just have it all cut off.

luckylady74 Tue 01-Apr-08 18:12:16

I used straighteners and looked crap, but then I took a deep breath and forked out for GHD - soo worth it - like a little miracle!

moodlumthehoodlum Tue 01-Apr-08 18:13:03

Good tip on the boots pink tub, by the sea, I will get that. If I use serum inbetween washes I just end up with it looking lank (impossible I know, but inevitable).

Its such a pain. I'd love to look groomed, and not like a crazed woman with frizzy bits.

cosima Tue 01-Apr-08 18:14:47

i agree with sober. pantene is the only thing that works. the normal one with blue on the label. I usually think the more expensive the better it will be, but in this case.... also i think the bf and hormones make it worse, plus central heating. I sympathise, i'm also considering going bald.

Quattrocento Tue 01-Apr-08 18:15:00

John Frieda is a god who has changed my life

Straighteners are bad for your hair but if you want some get some GHDs

But in John's capable hands, you won't need any ...

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 01-Apr-08 18:15:04

I'm noting that not of us curly-haired gals have photos of ourselves on profile.

<loving your jewellery Whizzz>

moodlumthehoodlum Tue 01-Apr-08 18:15:45

I'm going to Boots tomorrow to buy trial sizes of all that you have recommended and may even splash out on GHDs. I'm going to have to start getting up earlier aren't i?

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 01-Apr-08 18:15:56

I don't think it's possible to look groomed with curly hair. Just have to go with the flow.

Quattrocento Tue 01-Apr-08 18:16:46


You must get the John Frieda conditioner as well as the Frizz Ease. The conditioner was life-changing too

LittleMissBliss Tue 01-Apr-08 18:19:00

I'm using the l'oreal ati-frizz shampoo but the tresemme conitioner because i get through soo much! Both work well for me. But i do chop and change, I sometimes use the Aussie conditoner and few others because my few hair will sometimes get 'used' to the product and stop working as well. I just tend to take advantage of BOGOFs and swap every few months.

moodlumthehoodlum Tue 01-Apr-08 18:20:03

So, now there is the dilemma of having long hair, which I can now tie back in case of dire hair day, or better condition short hair? Last time I had my hair cut short I ended up looking like Whitney Houston, so its not a decision to be taken lightly grin

LittleMissBliss Tue 01-Apr-08 18:20:57


Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 01-Apr-08 18:23:01

Yes the problem with cutting it is that it's often the weight that's keeping the curl manageable - cut it and it springs up and I look like I have a dreadful 70's perm.

moodlumthehoodlum Tue 01-Apr-08 18:24:00

I've tried every which way with John Frieda shampoo, conditioner, serum, mask, etc, and it just makes my hair feel weighed down (IYSWIM) with product and just a bit wierd.
Am deffo going to boots tomorrow to look again though and see what I can get.

cluelessnchaos Tue 01-Apr-08 18:24:21

Ghds and also my dream prodcut is sfactor smoothing lusteriser, it is the only product that has ever worked on my hair, I use it every day whether I am wearing it curly or straight, on curly days I jsut brush it thru and let it dry naturally on straight I blow dry and then ghd.

LittleMissBliss Tue 01-Apr-08 18:24:49

Nooo don't do it. I regret every time because my hair curly ityears to grow back! Just have a tidy up, little trim and find some products that work well. Do you have afro hair? Have you ever relaxed it?

RubySlippers Tue 01-Apr-08 18:25:28

boots curl creme is FAB!

My curly haired best friend introduced me to it and it is brilliant and so cheap

LittleMissBliss Tue 01-Apr-08 18:27:24

*it takes years, even sorry about dodgy tiping. feeding.

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