Boden/Cath Kidston fabric - where to buy?

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3catstoo Fri 28-Mar-08 13:16:47

Sounds strange I know but I wanted to try and make some skirts for myself rather than paying huge amounts for them. I really like the prints on the boden fabrics (floral, beach prints, spots etc). Does anyone know where to get hold of these fabrics? There are some on ebay but they must get them from somewhere first.


JackieBollyKnickers Fri 28-Mar-08 13:23:17

Cath Kidston sells fabric by the metre on the website.

snowleopard Fri 28-Mar-08 13:26:42

I don't know where you'd get the actual same ones (will watch thread with interest) but John Lewis is very good for that kind of fabric - in the dressmaking section, but also if you look in the furnishing fabrics there are often really nice spotty/floral/orla kiely-style ones that are sometimes light enough to use for clothing.

I also get funky floral and retro fabrics from second-hand shops.

3catstoo Fri 28-Mar-08 13:45:46


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