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Has anyone been to one of the Sk:n clinics?

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janinlondon Thu 27-Mar-08 12:36:08

And if so, for what treatments and were they any good?

yelpol Thu 27-Mar-08 12:43:40

Yes - I had a course of microdermabrasion. Was easy enough as I went once a week during lunchbreaks (the one in Holborn) and face just a slightly red afterwards (as if walking briskly). But TBH I don't think it was good value as it didn't really do anything for my skin (was still terrible after the course) and was quite pricey (about £40 on average a time IIRC). And once my usual lady wasn't there, someone else did it and she did it too hard, I literally had red streaks on my face (looked like scratch marks!) for about 4 days afterwards. But then I guess that's not really the clinic's fault...
Don't know if this is helpful or not, but FTR, my skin was really bad (now on roaccutane and clearing nicely) so you may have a different experience.

janinlondon Thu 27-Mar-08 12:44:59

Lordie Yelpol, that aint no recommendation! Anyone else have any experience?

Bluestocking Thu 27-Mar-08 12:50:19

Yes, for laser hair removal (I have awful hag hairs on chin and upper lip). I've found them fine, they are very punctual about starting appointments, explain everything they're going to do and the aftercare very clearly. Only drawback (and this is not SK:N's fault) is that laser treatment only works on dark hair, and some of my hag hairs are white, so I'll probably have to have them electrolysed at some stage. But they did explain this at the outset so I wasn't under any illusions.

janinlondon Thu 27-Mar-08 13:21:00

Thanks Bluestocking. That sounds a tad more positive. Can I ask which clinic?

Bluestocking Thu 27-Mar-08 14:07:33

Of course, the Edgbaston clinic in Birmingham.

janinlondon Thu 27-Mar-08 14:54:58

Thanks Bluestocking. Has anyone been to the new London Wall clinic?

janinlondon Fri 28-Mar-08 12:54:31

Oooh ooh oooh. Just rang to make some enquiries and apparently if someone refers me we both get discounts on our next treatment (sorry - I don't remember how much it was). Anyone want to give it a go?

Chloeelena89 Sat 27-Jun-15 15:52:15

I had a bad bout of acne about two years ago which left me with pigmentation scarring under my skin. I needed true advice on how to get rid of this scarring once and for all so I went to the sk:n clinic as there are many scattered across London. My experience was disappointing to say the least. After a consultation the staff encouraged me to get two skin peels to begin with that did nothing for my scarring. They then recommended I took a 6 course skin peel that would be sure to help. After two of these I saw no difference and was encouraged to continue with them and told that it takes a while to see an effect. After skin peel number 4 I had seen about 20% improvement when on their website they advertise it as a 90% satisfaction rate. So I continued to voice my concerns to the staff. Quite often it felt as if they'd forgotten the whole point of me getting the treatment in the first place - to illuminate scarring. I had to often remind them of this as they'd sometimes say ''well you have less spots'' but that was never the issue to begin with. Anyway, I felt the need to finish the course as I had already began and wanted to believe it was just taking its time. I decided to ask the staff if I could be compensated if I saw no further improvement. The reaction to that was shocking. Instead of trying to find a way to help me they told me they'd have to stop treating me altogether if I attempted to get any form of refund. In the end I spent £1,500 on the treatments + products and only saw a 20% improvement with no desire from the staff to help me find a solution to the problem apart from spending more money. I was very disappointed with the service and treatments and would not recommend this to anyone. I still have scarring and an extended credit card limit due to this companies false promises.

TealFanClub Sat 27-Jun-15 19:10:45

zombie thread

sonata1 Sat 27-Jun-15 19:12:41

Yes I went for laser treatment for dark spots. It wasn't particularly successful . They are still there.And they wanted to flog me all sorts of expensive products that "I needed"

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