I have just discovered the secret to gorgeous, glowing, smooth, plumped up skin on my face.......

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FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 24-Feb-08 19:46:15

...and it is Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter!

I can't even remember what made me put it on my face one day but OMG - it is fab. I have been using it constantly for 2 weeks now and my skin now has the smoothest texture, which I don't think it's had since pre-pubescence. And it makes my foundation look super dewy and youthful too. It is SO much better than all the expensive face creams I have tried - including Creme de la Mer.

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Sun 24-Feb-08 19:49:01


Would post more, but I am off to camp outside Waitrose.

woodenchair Sun 24-Feb-08 19:49:21

I love recommendations like this. how old are you if you dont' mind me asking and what type of skin do you have?

Califrau Sun 24-Feb-08 19:50:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Washersaurus Sun 24-Feb-08 19:51:06

I shall be nipping into DS1's room to steal his tub in the morning grin. At this point anything is worth a try...

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Sun 24-Feb-08 19:51:15

It hasn't given you spots or anything?

PanicPants Sun 24-Feb-08 19:53:59

I tried the aldi cream which was supposed to be wonderful, equivalent to £50 pots.

It was rubbish, and after 2 weeks I have spots under my skin, and the texture feels horrible.

So no spots with baby bottom butter?

FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 24-Feb-08 19:56:31

WC - I am 32. My skin is combination - mixture of oily in some places but very dry in others. Well it was until I started using the Bottom Butter. Now it is all plump and glowing and totally hydrated.

And no Bumper, it hasn't given me spots. In fact, as I no longer need to use foundation (cos skin is so great) then less likelihood of clogged pores causing spots!

Furball Sun 24-Feb-08 19:57:19

looks like a case of my (babies) arse your face (cream) grin - seriously though is it greasy?

When I got married about 10 years ago I had a clinique facial and loads of samples. One face cream was fab, it sort of heated up when you put it on then turned my skin really smooth. i went back and asked what it was and could I have a larger size, where I was met with a smirk of 'that madame is cellulite cream for your legs' blush grin

expatinscotland Sun 24-Feb-08 19:57:49

yeah, what's his office's number? does he offer a payment plan for the surgical procedures? wink

FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 24-Feb-08 19:58:35

You only need a small amount - about a thumb nail size blob - so a tub would last AGES.

Furball Sun 24-Feb-08 19:59:20

expat - the right thread??

TheHonEnid Sun 24-Feb-08 19:59:50

I refuse to believe it doesnt give one spots

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Sun 24-Feb-08 20:00:25

Apparently slebs use hemorrhoid cream to prevent wrinkles...

FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 24-Feb-08 20:00:38

Furball - I think if you used too much it could feel a bit greasy. But start with a small amount then see if it is enough for you.

LOL at the cellulite cream on your face grin

Furball Sun 24-Feb-08 20:01:00

well fortunately it's not going to break the bank tp find out

expatinscotland Sun 24-Feb-08 20:01:48

yes, because the only 'secret' to good skin after a certain age is a good cosmetic surgeon wink.

Heated Sun 24-Feb-08 20:02:26

Tempted to nip upstairs and find out!

WiiMii Sun 24-Feb-08 20:02:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Furball Sun 24-Feb-08 20:04:37

sorry expat - I get you now!

FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 24-Feb-08 20:04:59

I tried the piles cream (Anusol) on my bags after a night out drinking. Just made my eyes itch like buggery and ooze stuff out of them the next day shock !!

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Sun 24-Feb-08 20:07:23

Ah, I knew there was something about it...

expatinscotland Sun 24-Feb-08 20:17:17

FGT, next time, soak some green tea bags, then pop them in the fridge till cool and ptu those over your eyes for a few minutes.

Then drop some Optrex refreshing drops in your eyes.

No one will be the wiser!

FriedGreenTomatoes Sun 24-Feb-08 20:26:22

Expat - that certainly sounds better. Anusol was all I had to hand at the time as I was in a hotel on a training course for work. I thought it would disguise the puffy eyes from too much boozing and not enough sleep. But alas, it just made me look even more booze addled than before!

expatinscotland Sun 24-Feb-08 20:27:27

don't worry, i've made the same mistake, FGT blush.

with an american pile creme called Preparation H.

luckily it was not a workday and it was back when i was still childless.

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