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I have an 8 year old girl who I don't want to kit out in head to toe Boden, or conversely in lots of nylon black and pink swirly dresses with black leggings

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TheHonEnid Fri 22-Feb-08 16:01:18

am I doomed?

MrsBadger Fri 22-Feb-08 16:02:12

La Redoute?

motherinferior Fri 22-Feb-08 16:02:37


TheHonEnid Fri 22-Feb-08 16:02:39


are their clothes nice?

TheHonEnid Fri 22-Feb-08 16:03:40

[hollow laughter]

MI we have just returned from H and M

the groovy kids clothes go up to 8

please have a look at the 9-14 range next time you are in there

truly hideous

jesuswhatnext Fri 22-Feb-08 16:04:16

oh get a grip and go to the high street - loads of stuff, not all shops tarty are boden frumpy

motherinferior Fri 22-Feb-08 16:04:31

I like them. Especially the pirate sweater which is actually in the boys' dept. Lots of coloured cords, skinny jeans and so on. Works for my two.

motherinferior Fri 22-Feb-08 16:05:02

Oh bugger, yes, Tamum told me it's all pre-teen lapdancer stuff for older kids, damn, sorry.

TheHonEnid Fri 22-Feb-08 16:05:22

how old are they though MI

ladywombling Fri 22-Feb-08 16:05:47

What sort of things would you like for her/what style?

TheHonEnid Fri 22-Feb-08 16:06:20

I bought some lovely things in h and m for dd2 and dd3

poor dd1

I'd love to hear your suggestions jesus

Fimbo Fri 22-Feb-08 16:07:28


TheHonEnid Fri 22-Feb-08 16:07:48

I dunno

nice things

funky tops - not everything pink and sparkly (I did buy her a nice long sleeve t in the gap, blue with cherries on)

things that are blue and green
little skirts with leggings but nice simple colours and patterns, not camoflauge or nylon or glittery or overly girly

MrsBadger Fri 22-Feb-08 16:08:18

not boden quailty, but nice fr designs

not usu too synthetic or trendy

website is poor though

Mercy Fri 22-Feb-08 16:08:21

Not sure what age they go up to but I've often struck lucky in Mothercare.

TheHonEnid Fri 22-Feb-08 16:08:51

zara is nice but I think my nearest is about 3.5 hours away

moondog Fri 22-Feb-08 16:09:25

I have a visceral reaction to embroidered fleeces and jeans myself.
I do therefore wish my well meaning neighbour would stop dumping bags and bags of the stuff on me.
I can't believe that anyone cold possibly buy so much. She now does a drive by and just hurls a bin bag over the garden wall. My mother was convinced it was a body when she first saw it.

MrsBadger Fri 22-Feb-08 16:09:47

was about to suggest zara too

TheHonEnid Fri 22-Feb-08 16:10:01

ok badge will try

I quite like joules and fat face but joules is a bit young and fat face has sludgy colours and strangely (as she is a bit of surf chick) dd1 doesnt like the designs much

littlerach Fri 22-Feb-08 16:10:38

debenhams had nicer stuff last year.
dd1 had tigerlily stuf.
laredoute is nice too, better colours.

canteloupe Fri 22-Feb-08 16:11:06

La Redoute? Vertbaudet? Decent clothes for older girls, but awful customer service and you get bombarded with mail and rubbish free gifts if you purchase something.

Fimbo Fri 22-Feb-08 16:11:11

There is a Zara in Bournemouth.

TheHonEnid Fri 22-Feb-08 16:11:20

bought her a very nice pale grey skirt with black pattern from matalan at xmas, maybe I'll gio and look in there

I quite like Mothercare but again only goes up to 8 (dd1 is skinny but tall)

luciemule Fri 22-Feb-08 16:11:28

What about Next? I like their kids/girls stuff - even though the adult stuff has gone down hill lately.

TheHonEnid Fri 22-Feb-08 16:11:51

is there fimbo? with a kdis bit?

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