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Best shampoo for washing a bit of colour out of your hair?

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beansprout Thu 17-Jan-08 15:14:40

Dyed my hair this week but it's a bit too dark so want it to fade sooner rather than later.

I seem to remember someone saying that baby shampoo is good for this (how reassuring!!)
Is that right or can anyone recommend anything else? I don't need anything drastic I just want it to fade a bit.

preggersagain Thu 17-Jan-08 15:15:57

i think t-gel is quite good for this- you would hope that baby shampoo would be too mild to do any colour stripping wouldn't you hmm

brimfull Thu 17-Jan-08 15:20:32

head and shoulders I think

iheartdusty Thu 17-Jan-08 15:27:32

try a swim? chlorine usually strips hair colour (although have heard it can go greenish)

Dropdeadfred Thu 17-Jan-08 15:28:46

Any shampoo...lather it up..leave it like that and wrap towel round your head for half an hour...then go and rinse.

hunkermunker Thu 17-Jan-08 15:29:03

Pantene clear one good, iirc.

TheGiftedandTalentedGoat Thu 17-Jan-08 15:30:21

johnson & johnson baby shampoos is supposedly good for this. i don't suppose many babies are protecting their dye jobs.

lucykate Thu 17-Jan-08 15:32:50

head and shoulders or vosene i used head and shoulders on mine, it faded loads just with 2 washes

AmersG Thu 17-Jan-08 20:12:38

My hairdresser said that anti dandruff ones are the best to use and they will fade most hair colouring.

harleyd Thu 17-Jan-08 20:13:54

def head and shoulders

widgypog Sat 19-Jan-08 10:07:32

fairy liquid according to my hairdresser

Christie Sat 19-Jan-08 11:01:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hellymelly Sun 20-Jan-08 23:37:50

vosene all the way,all my hair dye mad friends swore by it for crazy colour accidents.Or the other trick is a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide mixed in with the shampoo (from chemists,the weakest stuff)

seb1 Sun 20-Jan-08 23:39:40


greeneyedgirl Mon 21-Jan-08 10:07:23

My hairdresser recommends Head & Shoulders, always does the trick apparently!

janmoomoo Mon 21-Jan-08 13:49:56

Head and shoulders works (as I found out and I wasnt even trying to fade my hair colour!)

MascaraOHara Mon 21-Jan-08 13:51:10

Any anti-dandruff shampoo.. the harsher the shampoo the more it will remove the colour.

I use oilatum

elfsmummy Mon 21-Jan-08 13:52:36

My hairdresser swears that pantene is the best for this

lizib75 Thu 04-Feb-16 20:41:26

People are saying head and shoulders but which one? it original, citrus etc?xx

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